Why you need a Smart AC Remote: Your questions answered

Why you need a Smart AC Remote: Your questions answered

A regular air conditioner (AC) remote will turn your aircon unit on and off (by pressing a button or using a timer), adjust the fan speed and possibly move the louvres. But that’s usually all. A smart ac remote can do so much more. In this article, we’ll spell everything out for you.

What is a smart ac remote?

A smart ac remote is a controller that replaces the standard infra-red remote that comes with most air conditioners. It will communicate with your aircon using infra-red signals but it will be connected to Wi-Fi so it can be configured via an app.

What will a smart ac remote enable me to do?

There are many benefits of a smart ac remote. They are:

1. Improved comfort

A smart ac remote will adjust the temperature and humidity automatically to ensure that you are always comfortable. You won’t have to keep making manual adjustments to get things right.

2. It can turn on when you’re close

A feature called geofencing means that the smart ac remote can turn on the aircon when you’re, say, a few blocks away from your home or office. Your smart ac remote knows both where it is and where you are, so when you walk in, you won’t be too hot or too cold.

3. It can turn off automatically

If you’ve ever worried about leaving an aircon unit on when there’s nobody around – especially if you’ve gone away for the weekend – a smart ac remote can assist. It will know when the last person has left your premises and automatically turn the AC off, saving you money on power bills.

4. No more fights

In any home or office, there are different people who like different thermostat settings. Plus, there always seems to be those who are too hot and those who are too cold, at the same time. But, a smart ac controller can minimize the grief and resentment by intelligently balancing the personal preferences of everyone at once.

5. It can help look after your pets

Many people bought pets due to lock-down. But, now many of us are back to work or school, poor pet pooches and pussycats are feeling abandoned in a house that (depending on where you are in the world) might be too hot, humid or cold for them. A smart ac remote will help you adjust settings over the internet.

A smart ac remote can help look after your pets' comfort
A smart ac remote can help look after your pets' comfort better than... other options.

6. It can help with maintenance

People who live in hot and cold countries will know that, when they go away, their premises can be at risk of environmental problems: homes in humid locations can get moldy while places in cold locales can suffer from frozen pipes. A smart ac remote can automatically sense the indoor temperature and humidity plus, it knows the weather at its current location meaning it can automatically take remedial action.

7. Saving power

In a warming world with power supply problems, electricity bills have been spiking. A smart ac remote can help with this by only making incremental adjustments to temperature settings – not doing the typical aircon thing of causing a power surge in order to dump freezing air into a warm room to cool it down just a little.

8. It works with smart homes

If you use Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, then you can operate the smart ac remote (and subsequent aircon unit) with voice control. You won’t need to remember where you left the remote ever again! Techie types will like that smart ac remotes are also compatible with IoT-based home automation tools like Home Bridge, IFTTT and Home Assistant.

9. Simple set-up

A smart ac remote should arrive knowing the infra-red operational codes used by almost every existing aircon unit but, even if yours is an old or unusual model, they can quickly learn the IR commands from the original remote. In short, you won’t need to an IT degree to get things going.

10. Operated by phone app

A good smart ac remote can be trained and adjusted using an app on your phone. This should be simple to use, intuitive and yet have a plethora of features that will help you achieve maximum comfort and power saving.

Where can I buy a smart ac remote?

If any of the above situations ring a bell, check out the smart ac remotes from AmbiClimate. They will make you more comfortable, reduce power consumption and potentially pay for themselves with reduced bills.

Popular questions regarding smart ac remotes

How can I convert my old AC to Smart AC?

You can convert old AC to Smart AC with a smart AC remote. These devices will connect to your old aircon using infra-red signals, but they themselves can operate autonomously via AI or via an app on your phone using Wi-Fi. This will enable advanced, cutting-edge features that will make you more comfortable, save power and reduce bills.

How can I control AC with Wi-Fi?

You can control AC with Wi-Fi using a smart ac remote. The smart ac remote will come programmed with many aircon units’ infra-red-based instruction codes (or it can quickly learn them from your old remote). At the same time, it will connect to an app on your phone using Wi-Fi. So, no more lost remotes – just use your phone!

Is a smart AC worth it?

Yes. A smart ac remote doesn’t cost much when compared to multiple, large, electricity bills. It’s ability to save power while improving comfort means that, depending on how much electricity you use, it could pay for itself. It will also offer features that make AC more convenient and which keep you more comfortable.

What are the benefits of Wi-Fi AC?

Most aircon units operate via infra-red remotes which must be pointed directly at the AC from up close. If you lose the remote, it runs out of batteries or you aren’t nearby, you’re in trouble. However, a smart ac remote will enable Wi-Fi operation via your phone or smart home, either within the same room (or remotely).

Can I connect my AC to my phone?

Yes, you can connect your ac to your phone – by using a smart ac remote. This will still communicate directly with your AC unit via infra-red, but you can tell your smart ac remote what to do via the app on your phone.

If you want a smart ac remote, check out the options from Ambi Labs. They're simple to set-up and operate, they'll keep you comfortable, make your life easier and help save on power and electricity bills.

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