Top 10 Gifts for Your Pets

Top 10 Gifts for Your Pets

Pets bring us love, joy and companionship on a daily basis. If you consider your pet as part of the family, then you’ll probably be looking forward to seeing that furry tail waggle when you drop the special gift at their paws. Since it’s the most wonderful time of the year, we thought we’d share some tidings of joy by offering a comprehensive roundup of some of the smartest, most technical tech goods that will delight your cat or dog, without, of course, breaking the bank.

From treat dispensers that you can control from your phone to sliding doors to interactive games to sophisticated AC controllers, our selection of goods encompasses a broad range of Smart devices that will not only elevate your pet’s lifestyle, but save you time and money. So let’s get right into it and look at all the neat bells and whistles these devices have to offer.


Make Your Dog Smarter With CleverPet

CleverPet, with its glossy white surface and sleek futuristic curves, is an interactive puzzle game for dogs, a hi-tech dog bowl that offers treats when your dog gives the correct answers. Designed by animal-loving cognitive scientists, the device trains your dog to match the patterns that the three light-up touchpads signal in order to receive treats. If correct, the bowl’s non-slip dog-proof lid opens up and voila — it’s a tail of wags to riches (yes, we had to say it). These game challenges are meant to improve your dog’s cognitive ability and memory, while keeping them occupied while you work peacefully at home.

You can get CleverPet directly on the company’s website for $249 USD or $27 USD per month if you’re a bit strapped for cash.


iFetch Ball Launcher Is Self-Entertainment For Your Dog

This award-winning self-automated ball launcher will give your dog that 6 a.m. exercise it keeps trying to wake you up for, and it also provides a fun new spin on the game of fetch. Once the launcher is loaded, the ball is thrown a distance that will get your dog running. Luckily, the game of fetch isn’t just exclusive to a dog-human relationship — your dog will bring the ball back and drop it into the launcher for another round of run, slobber, bite and return. The device runs on either an AC adapter or six C-Cell batteries. It allows you to adjust the distance that best suits your space at home, backyard or nearby park. Set a distance of 10, 20 or even 30 feet.

The original iFetch ball launcher is currently available on iFetch’s website for $115 USD each, with free shipping, and it comes with three premium tennis balls that are roughly 1.6 inches in diameter.


Wickedbone Is a Toy Your Dog Will Never Get Bored Of

Most people, no matter how much they love dogs and doggy things, might agree that bones are just kind of gross and overrated. They quickly dissolve in a dog’s drooly mouth and become a major cause of gastric issues. So if you’re tired of cleaning a mess that can easily be avoided, just get your dog that Wickedbone, a bone-shaped interactive game device that is way fancier than a traditional dog bone, basically your Porsche or Tesla of bones. The device is stimulating for your dog because the toy moves around on its own, reading your dog’s emotions by scanning its actions and projecting various movements accordingly. But if you want to get in on the action, simply switch the device from “Interactive Mode” to “Drive Mode,” where you can manually control the Wickedbone through a dedicated app that comes with a virtual joystick. The Wickedbone comes with nine different motions that you can sequence in a number of ways to create fun and dynamic combinations.

Head over to Wickedbone’s website to learn more or jump straight to the company's webstore to purchase the device for a now-special offer of $63 USD.


See The World From Your Pet's View With GoPro Fetch

If you’ve ever wondered how the world might look through the eyes of your pet, this GoPro Fetch might well be the closest thing to showing you what that would be. Those who already have a GoPro will only need the harness, but those without one can consider investing in it for its high resolution and practicality. The harness is made with two mounting docks so you can switch up the perspectives: one at the chest, near the mouth; and one at the back for an over-the-head view. Like all GoPros, the harness is washable and water-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your dog splashing in the mud. It comes with softly padded straps for safety and extra comfort and it’s fully adjustable to small, medium and large-sized pets.

The GoPro Fetch is currently available on GoPro’s website for $40 USD. For those looking to get a GoPro for the first time, we would recommend a HERO7, which is now going for $250 USD.


Maximize Your Pet's Comfort With Ambi Climate Mini

The founder and CEO originally came up with the idea of Ambi Climate so his Husky could be comfortable at home during Hong Kong's hot summers. Ambi Climate allows you to leave your home without the dilemma of deciding whether or not to leave your AC and heat pump running. Luckily, Ambi Climate lets you control your units remotely, but it also regulates temperatures at home on its own so you can take your mind off it. Now in its third generation, Ambi Climate Mini has a handful of best-in-class features: free app control, GPS tracking, voice control integrations and eco-friendly functions that help you significantly limit energy waste. Yes, that means you can now go ahead with your weekend plans without hiring a dog-sitter, or you can snuggle up with your furry pal instead in the comforts of your home. You’ll soon realize that Ambi Climate Mini is really a gift for yourself when you're worrying less about your pet and when you see your next electric bill.

Make your home comfortable for you and your pet this year with Ambi Climate Mini for just $129.99 USD.


Treat Your Pet Remotely With Petcube Bites 2

One of the difficulties of keeping a pet is leaving it at home alone when you need to head out. Since we can never be at two places at once, Petcube designed Bites 2 so that you can at least dispense treats to your pet while you’re away. It features a wide-angle 160-degree 1080p HD camera that lets you see what your pet is up to. It has night vision, 4x digital zoom, speakers and microphones so you can call your pet’s name when you decide to give it a treat when it’s being good. Triggered by sound and motion, the device can also detect when your pet is being funny, allowing you to capture and store “cute moments, or catch them red-handed,” notes Petcube.

Petcube’s Bites 2 is currently available on Petcube's website for $200 USD.


Tagg GPS Tracker Ensures Your Pet Will Never Get Lost

If you’ve ever been worried about your pet getting lost or wondered where it crawls off to at night, then a GPS tracker will be good to have. Tagg is a Smart pet collar that pinpoints where your pet is at all times; its sophisticated functions were engineered by Home security company Alarm. Besides the tracking function, Tagg also monitors how warm your pet is getting, alerting you if it’s getting uncomfortable and irritable — owners will find this useful when leaving their pets in the car. On top of all of these anxiety-reducing features, Tagg is also able to indicate how much exercise your pet is getting so you can make sure it’s living a happy and healthy life.

Head over to Amazon to buy the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker for just $50 USD.


Auto-Clean Your Cat's Litter Box With Smart Kitty

While many already consider cats to be a relatively “low-maintenance”-type of pet, Smart Kitty has offered to make raising a cat even easier. The device is a Smart litter box that cleans itself and sorts out your cat’s waste into various containers so you don’t have to regularly clean your cat’s litter box. Instead, Smart Kitty will send you alerts to your phone when it’s due for emptying. Each waste container will be tightly sealed to make sure no weird odors are exposed. You’ll also be able to configure a number of features to best suit your cleaning preferences, like what time you want the litter box to clean itself or how many times a day to be cleaned. Smart Kitty also comes in a variety of vibrant colorways that you can pick to match your home’s interiors.

Smart Kitty is currently available for purchase on the company’s dedicated website for approximately $250 USD.


Wayzn's Sliding Door Gives You and Your Pet Extra Freedom

No more paw prints on the door glass with Wayzn, a smart sliding door system with motion sensors that lets your pet come in and out of the house as it pleases. This means you don’t have to plan your schedule around your pet’s potty breaks: freedom for your pet means freedom for you. Wayzn works only with sliding doors. It has a simple three-step setup that tucks neatly to a door and can easily be moved to different entryways. Apart from being motion sensitive, the device can be voice activated using Alexa or Google's smart assistants, or it can be controlled via app so you can open the door for your pet from anywhere.

You can get Wayzn on the company’s website right now for $400 USD.


PetKit Eversweet's Filtered Water Keeps The Vets Away

Making sure your pet’s water is clean can sometimes be a bit tricky. Most of the time it's a pretty basic chore, but every now and then, we run the risk of giving it dirty water due to bad spillage or old plumbing. To make sure bad water doesn’t become the reason for a crazy bill from the vet, PetKit has designed Eversweet, a smart water purifier with three-tier carbon filtration that completely eliminates anything rotten in your pet’s water. In “smart” mode, the water fountain stops when it’s not being used to save energy — “normal” will keep the fountain running. A light will flash when the filter needs to be changed or when water needs to be refilled. All of these features operate silently, even the fountain's water flow.

PetKit’s Eversweet water filter is currently available on the company’s website for a discounted price of $50 USD.

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