Smart Summer Travel Essentials For The Ultimate Vacation

Smart Summer Travel Essentials For The Ultimate Vacation

Deep into the summer, some of us have yet to embark on a much-needed vacation; but luckily, the warm weather is here to stay for at least a month longer (or more like 3 if you're in Hong Kong or the rest of Southeast Asia), so if you're still planning your getaway you've come to the right place!

Most of us tend to over-pack, grabbing whatever we see and stuffing our suitcase till it explodes, leaving no space for shopping; we also definitely don't end up using the heaps of clothes, accessories and knickknacks we've dragged along. Since we know this from experience, we've decided to round up the most valuable things you can take on vacation (aside from clothes, shoes and possibly undergarments); presenting the definite must-haves for an amazing summer vacation!

A Smart Suitcase


In this fast-paced life, we don't always have time for a long vacation, and so we need to "settle" for a blitz weekend somewhere close. But even if you do end up being lucky and going away for more than 3-4 days, you'll need a trusted and smart carry-on with you! With brands like Travelmate and Away, it's easy to stay connected while traveling, with USB ports to charge your tech, GPS location services, weight sensors, and other perks. Plus, they're all so well-sectioned - makes packing a breeze.

A Strong Power Bank


No one wants to get stuck in a foreign country with no battery, especially with long days dedicated to sightseeing, picture/video taking and, naturally, Social Media sharing ;) A portable charger is always handy, especially if there are a number of people who need to get some juice. Mophie, Anker and Goal Zero are just a few of the many options for a hassle-free, charged vacay!

Great Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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On a flight, train, or just walking around absorbing your surroundings - sometimes you want to dive into your music and disconnect from the world, simply taking it all in with your eyes. There are so many options for amazing noise-cancelling headphones in today's market, and they come in all shapes, sizes and prices - check out these highly-rated ones by Skullcandy, Plantronics & Bose for some ideas in several budgets!

A Waterproof Portable Speaker


This one is especially fun for a beach vacation - where you mostly laze around, sip cocktails and bask in the sun; what else could you add? Awesome sounding music with your own tropical playlist! With the help of some waterproof, high-end portable speakers  like the B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen or the JBL Flip 4, you'll enjoy the best sound while not worrying about it getting wet!

Useful Travel Apps


With a multitude of apps to help you plan your vacation and also get by in the destination of your choice, it'd be silly not to make use of this whole new world! Some of our favorites include Skyscanner, Airbnb, Uber, Google Maps/Trips/Translate, TripAdvisor, XE Currency & Time Out. Create your mobile arsenal to ensure the easiest, most organized trip ever.

But What About Back Home?

Last but not least, we honestly think that one of the best things you can get for your time away is Ambi Climate! Yes, we're also very objective ;)

Ambi Climate will allow you to leave your home and be sure that you're leaving it in the best hands - it will fight mold and over-heating for you, saving your furniture, clothes and shoes! Ambi Climate has lots of smart modes you can choose from, but the best one for your vacation would be Away Mode!

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Away Mode allows you to adjust and maintain a heating, cooling or drying threshold. Once you set those, you simply let Ambi Climate know if you’d like to keep the temperature above or below a desired temperature or the humidity below a certain level. Ambi Climate’s AI minimizes energy costs by switching on the AC only when it is needed to maintain the threshold, meaning you keep your house safe and save money!

Order your Ambi Climate now!

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