Smart Home Journey: Why You Need a Smart AC Remote Controller

Smart Home Journey: Why You Need a Smart AC Remote Controller

As technology advances, many of us are raising our standards for convenience; we want everything in our lives to be easier by making life automated and smarter. The question is, where should your Smart Home journey begin? Which gadget will benefit your comfort the most? Well, we think a smart air conditioner controller will. Here’s why!


Smart app control for better convenience

Craft your home's environment before your arrival

In the old days, you would have to get into your steamy hot or freezing cold home, find your small AC remote controller, turn on the air conditioner, and wait a long time to feel better. The worst part about this ancient process is not the hassle of finding the remote but the delayed comfort that comes with it, causing anyone serious frustration. A smart AC controller can eliminate this problem with the help of intuitive apps and advanced technology which allow timers, smart automation and Smart Home integrations, letting you to easily pre-cool or preheat, making sure you're always ready to step into the best ambience for you.

Monitor & manage your AC with in-app insights

Increased control and transparency also mean that you can take care of your children, pets and other household members when you are not there. A smart AC controller allows you to monitor multiple factors such as temperature and humidity in your home and will auto-adjust the air conditioner accordingly, without your physical presence. Knowing that your home is always comfortable when you are busy at work or simply away from home, definitely gives you a sense of relief.


Using AI for optimal personalization

Machine Learning for perfect comfort

The output to a statistics formula gets more accurate as it is given more data; some smart AC controllers work in a similar way. For example, thermal factors such as indoor humidity may impact your comfort more than outdoor weather or time of day. A smart AC controller equipped with the right technology is able to learn what thermal factors you are more sensitive to and auto-adjust your air conditioner accordingly.

Saving energy at all times and seasons

With your air conditioner auto-adjusting to match your preferred conditions, a smart AC controller will also learn to do so in the most efficient way, ultimately eliminating harmful and wasteful scenarios like overcooling and overheating. An air conditioner that doesn't work to combine a multitude of factors, outdoor and indoor, ends up wasting energy. By having the ideal conditions at all times you can save up to 30% energy.


Complete Smart Home automation

Simple voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

With smart voice-controlled devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, it is now possible to control and fully customize your air conditioner with simple voice commands. Many smart AC controllers will have seamless integrations with these voice assistants to give you a hands-free approach to AC control, as well as help you reach comfort even faster and better.

Location-based home automation and Geofencing

With increased usage of geolocation and geofencing, it is now so much easier to automate your home and air conditioner. Some smart AC controllers will be able detect  the location of everyone using the device and control the AC based on that, as well as each unique user's preferences and rules. This won't just save you time but also bring you energy efficiency, making your home greener in the process.


Upgrade your existing AC and improve your life

Keep your home safe with a smart AC

Indoor temperature is not the only factor that affects our home. For example, extremely high or low indoor humidity can have a negative impact on furniture or other belongings. With a smart AC controller, you can prevent damage by controlling conditions at home; setting timers, using Smart Home integrations or being able to monitor makes it that much easier.

Take charge of your health

Our health can also be adversely affected by factors other than indoor temperature. For example, our body temperature drops to the lowest 2-3 hours before we wake up because of our metabolic cycle. By accounting for this, a smart AC controller will be able to provide you with better sleep by adjusting the temperature throughout the night and all the way till morning, considering all different factors that may be affecting how you feel.

Smart AC control for a smarter life

It's no wonder the air conditioner is such a valuable appliance - we all rely on it so much to control and improve our well-being and comfort. Unfortunately, it's one appliance that guzzles down energy like a hungry lion in the wild; but why compromise when you can achieve true comfort while also leading a greener life and turning your old-fashioned AC into a more efficient part of your life?

With all the benefits listed above, it's pretty easy to see why it's a good idea to get started on your Smart Home journey by upgrading your air conditioner with a smart controller.

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