6 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Smart AC Remote Controller

6 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Smart AC Remote Controller

Most of us already know that our air conditioner is the most energy-consuming appliance we use, as well as the strongest determinant of our comfort. When something takes up such a large space in our life, it becomes essential to optimize it and make it smarter - for a smoother, seamless and more energy-efficient experience. While there are many ways to automate your home, a smart air conditioner controller makes it easier.

If you’re wondering what you need to look at when considering your options, we’re here to give you the most comprehensive guide for choosing the controller of your dreams!

Is it compatible with the air conditioner you have at home?


The most important and obvious criteria when choosing the right smart AC remote controller is compatibility. There are several types of air conditioners: central, split, window and packaged. If your newly bought controller won’t be compatible with your AC, then it's basically useless! Most smart AC controller manufacturers will have a compatibility list on their websites, so make sure your model is there. Try to look for a controller that would work with a vast range of AC models - this is especially important for people who rent and often move around, and want to minimize the risk of losing the ability to use the controller.

What’s the installation process like? Is it easy and straightforward?


Ease of installation is another factor to look at when considering your new smart AC  remote controller. Does it involve a lengthy set-up process such as scanning a QR code or manually setting up the different modes and options on the device? Or is the device just a plug & play, which means installation will take no longer than five minutes? We’d also suggest checking if the controller needs any special drilling or placement which will require extra handyman work, or if it can simply be placed anywhere in sight of the AC.

Is the technology behind your smart air conditioner remote controller revolutionary?


The kind of hardware and technology your smart AC remote controller uses is a major thing to consider; when going for a Smart Home product you’ll want a device that houses multiple sensors and utilizes as much data as possible to ensure your comfort and your home’s conditions. We know there are many factors that affect our comfort, humidity being one, and the more sensors on an AC controller - the better personalized comfort you can obtain. Typical smart AC controllers will include smart functions such as Geolocation, integrations or remote control, but won’t use AI to learn from users’ preferences and auto-adjust the AC over time. Getting a truly smart device will not only make you feel better, but can also potentially help you conserve more energy by optimizing your AC to match your needs and surroundings, thus saving money.

What can your smart air conditioner remote controller teach you?


The kind of insights & analytics one can get from their smart AC controller can also be a way to decide which one is right for you. Not all controllers are able to provide comprehensive information about your AC usage; it matters, because useful insights can give you information about your habits and preferences, such as: the time of the day you are more likely to use your air conditioner, or which external factors affect your comfort the most. With this information, you can use your AC in a more efficient way while understanding your choices and body better.

Will you get a seamless Smart Home experience?

Do you want a smart AC controller that can only be controlled via an app or one that has various integrations, such as IFTTT or Voice Control like Amazon Alexa? Finding a controller that’s able to integrate with your Smart Home makes it easier to create an automated, modern environment where you can easily control everything.

How is the value for money?


It’s no surprise that price is a big thing for most of us. When deciding on a smart AC controller, you should look for convenience, integrations, personalization and ease of use. Make sure to do your research and confirm the price justifies all the benefits you can get! One thing we know for sure, is that a device with AI has an edge over others, because it can ultimately save you more money and increase your comfort; a simple controller may cost less but in the long run, you might not get the results you were looking for in terms of energy saving and convenience.

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