5 Smart Tech Gifts to Buy Your SO this Valentine's Day

5 Smart Tech Gifts to Buy Your SO this Valentine's Day

Do you feel it coming? Not the need to buy another gadget - Valentine's Day! Or actually, could it be both?

Valentine's Day isn't just a day for plush teddy bears, cards with huge hearts and romantic songs - it's an opportunity to buy your significant other a cool, useful and fun gadget they can use while becoming the envy of all their peers. We've rounded up some of our latest favorites for a gift that is sure to impress and strengthen your bond!

Kushion Bluetooth Speaker


Not another Bluetooth speaker - a smart Bluetooth speaker inside a comfortable, Ultra Carbon foam cushion! Kushion features an advanced high power, full range DSP controlled audio system with loud and clear sound, that will allow you and your partner to listen to music in the best possible way, controlling through your smartphone or directly through Kushion; you can even charge any USB chargeable device on it or use it to make calls when holding your phone is just too hard on you.

A great gift for music lovers and people who love to chill; you can buy Kushion directly for $199.99 (shipping not included).

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Drone

dji phantom 4 advanced.jpg

While a bit on the pricey end, the DJI Phantom 4 Camera Drone might be the perfect gift for active couples; a smart drone with incredible flying capabilities which allows you to shoot 4K aerial video at 60fps for  the most amazingly crisp footage. With long range control, 30-min flight time and super sensitive sensors to avoid obstacles - you're set for fun with this one! You can capture images on your iPhone or iPad and send them to friends and family far away, or just make memories out of your adventures and getaways together in the coming year.

You can get your Phantom 4 Advanced for $1,199.99 right here, with free shipping included to most countries.

Ambi Climate

Screengrab 3.png

Who wouldn’t want the gift of comfort this Valentine's Day? Ambi Climate is a small IoT device, here to help you and your loved ones battle common comfort issues. Traditional ACs only account for temperature, ignoring other key factors - humidity, sunlight, changes in outdoor weather, and your daily metabolic cycle. How can we make sure our beloved is safe and feeling amazing? Through A.I. technology. Ambi Climate intelligently learns from your feedback to discover what affects you and auto-adjusts your AC for maximal thermal comfort, while saving up to 30% on energy consumption. Via our app (iOS or Android), you can also control Ambi on-the-go and learn more about your AC usage through our extensive insights and analytics. Integrated with IFTTT and Amazon Alexa, this is definitely a smart gift for your partner, and one that'll make them eternally grateful!




The truth is, most of us spend the day sitting at our desk while working - we don't move much which means a good portion of our day is sedentary, calories aren't being burnt (getting up to make coffee doesn't count!) and eventually this causes us to gain weight. Give yourself or the one you love the best gift to enforce your New Year resolution to stay fit - Cubii - the first smart under-desk elliptical that you can bring to work, or put under your desk at home, and pedal away while getting stuff done; you can track your activity and progress with the dedicated app (iOS and Android) to make sure you reach your goals in no time! Plus, if used with friends or loved ones, you can compete and share your progress with each other. So motivating!

You can buy Cubii starting at $249 here; shipping varies according to country (see a list of countries in the FAQ section).

Sleep.ai Anti-Snore Wearable


Let's face it: snoring is an issue. Many of us snore and around 70% of snoring happens when we sleep on our backs; don't we all just want a good night's sleep with our partners? Sleep.ai's anti-snore wearable and app (iOS and Android) will help control your snoring as well your teeth grinding - once you snore or grind teeth, the wearable will gently vibrate and make you turn to your side. The app uses a deep learning algorithm that is able to distinguish snoring and teeth grinding sounds, and creates a personal record of your patterns which can help you identify factors that can influence the snoring or teeth grinding like alcohol, smoking and medication, so you can track and get statistics. Your significant other will thank you for sure.

After a successful Indiegogo campaign, you can now purchase your wearable for $99 on Sleep.ai's website.



OK, we know we said no teddy bears, but this is just too cute and smart not to share! Aimed at some of you who are battling long distance relationships, Parihug makes an electronically-connected stuffed animal they call Pari, that lets you hug your significant other from a distance. When one Pari is hugged, sensors detect the hug and transmit a message to the other one. The receiving Pari then hugs its owner with a gentle vibration. If there's someone out there who you miss more than you get to see, this is the gift for you!

Parihug is available for pre-order starting at $75, so get on the list for the next manufacturing batch now.

Which gift are you most tempted to get? Let us know in the comments! Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day. Remember to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!

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