5 Smart Home Tech Trends That Can Save You Money

5 Smart Home Tech Trends That Can Save You Money

Living in a smart home is the new trend. Not only can you manage your home remotely and efficiently, but being able to save up on maintenance cost, energy usage and resources are also reasons why many homeowners globally are setting up an entire new smart home ecosystem in their apartment.

While there are thousands of new tech looking to make your home a hub of smart, adaptable technology, here we’ve summarized our top 5 to help you save up ASAP!

Smart Showerheads


We all know it’s hard not to soak in those extra few minutes in the shower. Using a smart showerhead, you can now track how much is going down the drain! The Waterhawk showerhead comes with a LED screen that displays your real time water usage in gallons per minute and a colour-coded ring that alternates colour to indicate your water temperature. This will keep you fully informed about when the water temperature is up to your liking to avoid water being wasted!

Smart Thermal Controllers


Most of your energy use goes towards keeping your home at the right temperature, but you don’t have to give up on the comfort of your air conditioning (AC) to save a few bucks! By optimizing thermal regulation at home, you can largely cut down on cost.  

The best investments are ones that can teach itself to manage temperature control to your likings. Most work by linking your AC or heat pump to a automated or programmable setting that allows you to control via your mobile, such as Ambi Climate. Using A.I., this little device will take into account your indoor temperature, humidity, sunlight, outdoor weather and your metabolic cycle to optimize your thermal comfort, and auto-adjust your AC accordingly. This will help eliminate overcooling and overheating, saving up to 30% of your energy bills!

Smart Refrigerator


Like smart thermal controllers, smart fridges automatically regulate their temperature to keep your food crisp. But it doesn’t only do just that, its real value is in its communication with you. Small reminders here and there help you avoid unnecessary costs at all times. If you leave your fridge door open or if it’s time to clean the coils, you will receive an alert. Some also come with the ability to track your groceries and expiration dates through barcodes or RFID scanning. Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator has gone as far as letting you watch TV, manage your family calendar and groceries (with cameras inside the refrigerator) on its WiFi- ready LCD screen.

Smart Lights


Having well-lit rooms not only adds ambience, but also increases the value of your apartment. Standard light bulbs emit mostly heat, not lighting. With new smart lights sensors currently on the market, not only do they give you full control over the warmth and coolness of your lighting, but they are also an effective way in reducing your electricity bills in the long run!

Liftx LED, for example, allows you to program your lighting system on/off anytime you want, to slowly wake you up with increasing illumination, or to change your everyday lighting to entertainment friendly shades for parties.

Smart Leak Detectors


A burst or leaking pipe can be one of the most expensive things to happen to your apartment, hence, smart leak detectors like D-Link can really be a game-changer for older homes! They monitor your plumbing system and instantly sense when a leakage has occurred by detecting any unusual moisture levels. Some also further assess for malfunctions, analyze walls for signs of moulds, and detect floods caused by storms. These can all prevent serious water damage and save you a hefty sum!

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