5 Must-Have Smart Gadgets to Keep You Comfy at Work

5 Must-Have Smart Gadgets to Keep You Comfy at Work

As we spend most of our time at work every day it’s super important to make ourselves comfortable and not forego our health. Here are our must-haves office gadgets to keep you comfy.

Portable Mug Warmer

mug warmer

No matter if you are a coffee lover or not, we all need a cup of coffee in the morning to wake us up, or in the afternoon to help us stay focused; but it’s always so hard to enjoy nice, freshly-brewed coffee to the fullest as it cools down too fast. With portable mug warmers like Mr. Coffee, Norpro, Salton and Eparé, you can enjoy your beverages at a perfect temperature for a little longer. Simply plug the warming plate into a wall or USB port, and your brew will stay warmer for longer!

Lifespan Treadmill Desk

treadmill desk

Exercise has numerous benefits to our health. Yet, long working hours and a heavy workload sometimes leave little time for exercise. Lack of exercise can cause many health problems, such as digestion issues and increased visceral fat. To keep active while working hard, Lifespan Treadmill Desk may help you kill two birds with one stone - improve productivity and remain fit. With their mobile phone app, you can also track your step count to keep yourself motivated.

Check out Lifespan to order your own treadmill desk or under desk treadmill here.

DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike


Not a fan of walking? Have limited space for a treadmill desk at your workplace? You may try cycling to stay active instead! DeskCycle is designed for you to exercise easily, effectively and safely while working at your desk. With low pedal height, and smooth and quiet pedal motions, you can burn calories and improve your health at work without disturbing your co-workers.

Get DeskCycle at US$159 here, with free shipping included to most countries.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter


Office workers spend hours sitting down every day. Prolonged sitting can have short and long-term harms on both health and body, such as having weak legs and glutes, gaining weight, an increased risk of heart disease and more. A study published in Annals of Internal Medicine even finds that even when exercising regularly, people sitting for a longer time have a higher risk of early death. Maybe it’s time for you to stand up while working to reduce back pain, lower the risk of early mortality and more! With height adjustable standing desk converters like Ergotron, Varidesk or WorkEZ, you can effortlessly transform your desk back and forth between a regular one to a standing one.

Ambi Climate

Office air-conditioning is always too hot or too cold; since men and women feel temperatures very differently, it’s difficult to set a comfortable temperature for everyone. To deal with unruly office temperatures, you may have tried to layer up when you feel cold, or to turn on a portable personal fan when you feel hot. But with Ambi Climate, the problem of having a freezing or oven-like office will no longer exist!

13_Product shot A

Ambi Climate is an A.I. enhanced air conditioner add-on device, equipped with several built-in sensors; it intelligently learns what you and your colleagues like, through detecting and analyzing multiple factors - temperature, weather, humidity and sunlight. Then, it automatically adjusts the AC to match your needs.

The smart Comfort Mode provides the best working environment for you and your colleagues based on sensor readings, external weather changes and your feedback. Simply tell Ambi Climate whether you and your co-workers are too hot or too cold, and it will then set an optimal temperature for you. You don't have to adjust the AC anymore!

Order your Ambi Climate now!

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