The Ambi Labs Recap - A Look Back At 2018

The Ambi Labs Recap - A Look Back At 2018

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2018 was an amazing year at Ambi Labs. In our mission to make smart AC control better and more accessible for everyone, we launched smarter features, and grew our community of distributors and retailers in 8 regions spanning 3 continents. But before we get into the nuts and bolts of what the past year held, we want to say thanks - thanks to the clients, colleagues, collaborators, and friends who made this year so incredible.

Here are the highlights of our year in 2018 - our coolest features, the events we attended, the awards we won, the friends we’ve made and the people we’ve made comfortable.

An Amazing Start

To begin with, we had a bit of work to do in 2018 – grow the business, drive customer success, and keep innovating. We refocused our product strategy, grounded in customer understanding and usage insights. We also have driven clarity in our product strategy and quickened the pace of our product improvements and innovation.

All this enabled us to deliver some great wins for our business partners and customers. But there's so much more to killer ideas that go the distance. Some of our favorite moments came from attending events around the world. From Tokyo to Las Vegas, here are the events we’ve been grateful to have attended the past year.

Global Awards & Recognition


We started the year strong with Ambi Climate drawing plenty of attention in 2018. It was named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Smart Home category, won the 2018 SMAhome Award for the Top of Excellence Award, Finalist at the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) 2018 and merited a Special Mention in the Energy Category from the German Design Award 2019.

If you stopped by the events, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any further questions you may have about Ambi Climate. We would love to hear from you! Be sure to follow us for upcoming events & opportunities to connect with us.

Making sense in a changing world

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With the past year behind us, the Ambi Labs team continues to expand - making every day exciting with collaboration amongst the business, product, research and development and the technology disciplines. This collective hard work is what ultimately makes us successful in making sense in a changing world.

Winning Partnerships

While there’s no denying that smartphones and tablets are making it easy for shoppers today to research businesses, survey products, read customer reviews and ultimately, make a purchase; there are still people who like to see and try a product in person before deciding to buy.

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In keeping with these evolving habits and preferences of consumers, we’re focused on online and offline experiences and are now poised to reach consumers at every possible touch-point - mobile, desktop, in-store and more. Building on the success of the Ambi Climate 2nd edition, we expanded our distributor and retailer base in countries such as Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, UAE and more.

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Expanding our capabilities with new features

Ambi Climate users have been able to benefit from our optimized development environment with smart features released more frequently. During the course of the year, we rolled out a few tweaks to our app interface and added new features such as Multi-user Geo-location which enables automatic switching on and off of one’s AC based on the location of multiple phones relative to the location of the device. With the correct set up of the device’s location, multiple owners could set what they’d like Ambi Climate to do if they’ve entered or exited the zone where their device is located.


With Smart speaker love in full effect, devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home, and Apple’s HomeKit are dominating the smart home market with no signs of slowing down; and with the official launch of Ambi Climate’s integration for Google Home and Amazon Alexa, anyone with an LCD AC remote can take advantage of voice commands, regardless of which platform they prefer. Ambi Climate’s Voice assistant now gives you a hands-free approach to AC control.

We have even more exciting features planned for 2019 and we look forward to releasing smarter improvements and fixes based on your feedback as we continue to develop Ambi Climate’s service offerings.

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Ambi Labs in the news

With so much going on, we were thrilled to see Ambi Climate featured in over 500 pieces of print and online coverage that included reviews, interviews and articles as well as media and social mentions. It didn’t stop there. Reviews by tech, lifestyle and the consumer electronics media certainly put a spring in our stride.


“The Ambi Climate 2 is the most high-tech A/C controller I’ve used.” - TechHive, United State

“Once configured, you can control an otherwise dumb air con system remotely using your smartphone while Ambi itself leverages machine learning to improve and personalise your air-conditioning experience.” - PC World, Australia

“Turning Your Home Smarter With Multi-User Geolocation Aircon Control” -, Singapore

“Ambi Climate 2 讓冷氣房不再忽冷忽熱 “ - Elle, Hong Kong

“Non solo Ambi Climate 2 si preoccupa di trasformare il vecchio condizionatore in una periferica connessa, ma lo fa aggiungendo il supporto alla Intelligenza Artificiale” –, Italy

We're on a mission

Everyone has a right to comfort. It’s the guiding principle behind our work, and reinforces our belief that the best technology makes you smarter, puts you in control, and is convenient. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing easy-to-use technology that empowers, and has a meaningful impact on people, families, and their communities.


Today, Ambi Labs is at the forefront of a new wave of comfort; bridging the gap between existing air conditioners and artificial intelligence for better comfort and efficiency using technology. With Ambi Climate, we’ve merged AI and IoT - a revolutionary combination that’s transforming smart home comfort exponentially.

2018 was a time for invention, creation, and ventures in new directions; and it was a time marked by evolution and a fearless appetite for new challenges. It was a great year, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

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