Summer is Here - Keep your Pets Cool & Happy!

Summer is Here - Keep your Pets Cool & Happy!

With summer in full swing (in the northern hemisphere) and temperatures climbing, humans are not the only ones feeling the heat; pets do too - and they rely on us to keep them safe and comfortable during the summer months! We've gathered our top tips to keep your pets cool and comfy this summer so read on!


Keep Hydrated

First and foremost, don’t leave your pooch outside in the blistering sun for too long. Offer ample amounts of water and shade, and add a few ice cubes into the water to make it colder. If you have extra ice cubes left, consider setting up a fan in front of a pan of ice!

Avoid the Sun

Save your daily walks either for early in the morning or after the sun sets to avoid the heat. While paw pads are tough, dogs absorb and release heat through their paws; hence, they are very sensitive to hot surfaces like cement and tar and can be burned easily. During peak hours of the sun, walk on grass or opt for dog boots to protect their paws.

Water Park at Home

Depending on whether your dog loves water, an inexpensive tub or child’s pool can make a great addition to your yard. Just remember to keep it in a shaded area and not to leave it filled up when it’s not in use, as it will turn into a breeding ground for mosquitos. Alternatively, try running a sprinkler to see if your dog likes it! If you don’t own a yard - don’t fret, you can also lay a wet towel on the floor for your pet to lie on, it will cool your dog down effectively than when laid on top of its coat.



Time for a Shave

Cats malt more and shed their coats in the summer, so give your cat a nice brush on a regular basis to get rid of the excess hair. If your cat has a long coat, consider getting him or her a lion cut, but keep in mind that white and light-coloured cats have pale skin that can easily sunburn. Alternatively, shave only the tummy to get both of best worlds - airy and cool, but protected from the sun.

Homemade air-conditioning

Fill a bottle with water and leave it in the freezer overnight. Wrap a towel around the bottle next morning and place it in your cat’s favorite spots to lounge at home, it will appreciate the cooling spot.


Smaller Companions

Whether you own a rabbit, hamster or guinea pig - you can keep them well hydrated with small pieces of water-rich vegetables and fruits, such as apple and celery. Consider adding ceramic tiles in the cage or hutch for your pet to lean on; not only will it keep your pet cool, they are also super easy to clean.


Last but not least, keep your pets cool and comfortable at all times with Ambi Climate! If you’re heading out, remember to use Away Mode to monitor your pets’ comfort at home with the least energy wasting! You can order here to get started.

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Fun fact: Ambi Climate was originally inspired by our CEO's, Julian Lee, struggle to find a suitable air-conditioned environment at home for his pet husky in Hong Kong’s heat and humidity.

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