How to turn your AC unit into a green air conditioner

How to turn your AC unit into a green air conditioner

A global climate crisis is occurring and it’s coinciding with a global power crisis. Sadly, the powers that be aren’t using the opportunity to turn to greener, environmentally friendly energy and many countries are still relying upon dirty fossil fuels to generate electricity. On top of this, many countries heavily rely upon their aircon to banish high temps, humidity and also heat their homes knowing that air conditioning uses A LOT of electricity. But, there is something you can do – use a smart AC controller to turn an existing aircon unit into a green air conditioner.

What is a smart air conditioner controller?

A smart air conditioner controller is a device that communicates with your existing AC using the same infra-red commands it receives from the remote. It also has built-in sensors which better monitor the existing internal temperature, humidity and sunshine in a room. Plus, it can use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet in order to gain access about the local weather and climate at its location and gain access to an app on your phone. It can use all of this technology to transform your existing AC device into a green air conditioner.

8 ways smart aircon can transform your air conditioner into a green air conditioner

A smart air conditioner is much greener than one that simply turns on or off (with a remote or a timer) and you can easily make almost any AC unit smart just by adding a separate smart air conditioner controller. There are many, additional personal benefits that come with smart aircon but, best of all, it will help save money while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint, of any premises that uses it. Here’s why every home and office can benefit from transforming their existing air conditioner into a green air conditioner.

1.More efficient operation

Most air conditioner units aim to reach an average temperature within a premises through a cycle of power surges which generate cool or hot air before dumping it into a room until the a target temperature is reached. However, it’s far more efficient to make incremental adjustments than go through such an expensive power cycle. A smart ac controller will automatically make these adjustments for you which both reduces your overall electricity usage and means you're in possession of a green air conditioner.

2. A green air conditioner takes into account local temperature

By connecting to the internet, a smart AC controller will know what part of the planet it's on, what the current, local weather is, what time of year it is, how much sunshine is in a room and whether it even needs to be on at all. Consequently, this smarter operation reduces the time aircon is actually turned on - just what you'd hope a green air conditioner would do.

3. How learning individual preferences make for a green air conditioner

After purchasing a smart ac controller, you can interact with it, via its phone app or smart speaker (such as Alexa and Google Assistant) and say whether you’re too warm or too cold. After a while, it will learn your preferences (including in different, outside weather conditions and at different times of year) and set everything up automatically without having to trial-and-error its way to discovering your own personal sweet spot. This saves money and helps make your air conditioner, greener.

4. An end to group squabbles over aircon

Many homes and offices are blighted by bickering over the thermostat: some like it hot while some like it cold. This often sees different groups of people change settings by dramatic degrees when a personal temperature threshold is reached, leading to an horrendous fluctuation of too-cold and too-warm premises that pleases no one and wastes electricity. Fortunately, a green air conditioner can learn everyone’s individual preferences and use AI to establish a compromise that encompasses everyone’s preferences, thereby reducing interpersonal friction and power usage.

5. Turn on and off remotely

Smart aircon can further enhance its green air conditioner credentials by turning on and off remotely. This can be done using the app on your phone or automatically when climatic conditions deem it necessary. The former is especially useful if you went to work (or left the office) but forgot to turn it off before leaving.

6. What is Geofencing and does it help make air conditioners green?

If you live in a hot or cold country, the idea of coming home to a residence that’s too hot or too cold, when you yourself are too hot or too cold, can be horribly annoying. Waiting around for the aircon to kick in seems to take forever to the point where many people just leave it on all day or set a time that they hope matches that day's 'routine.' But, life rarely works that way and geofencing can help.

This is where a smart ac controller knows when you’re approaching your home or office (through the app installed on your phone) and automatically turns itself on when you’re just a few blocks away. That way you can arrive home without cranking the aircon (all the way) up or down in a forlorn attempt to change the temperature quicker… it will be perfect for you when you walk through the door. This won’t just improve your mental health but effortlessly save money and reduce power: just what you want from a green air conditioner.

green air conditioner electricity usage
Air conditioning makes up a sizeable part of most users' electricity bills. But, you can experience many additional benefits by saving power and turning your AC unit into a green air conditioner.

7. A green air conditioner can be used to maintain your home

Those in hot and cold climates will know that an empty house can suffer serious issues when you’re not there. For cold countries this can mean frozen pipes while in hot and humid countries this can mean explosions in mould. Some people remedy this by leaving hot taps running, or setting the aircon to turn on or off periodically. But, this is an horrendous waste of money and electricity.

A smart AC controller remediates this by knowing when to automatically turn on because local conditions deem it necessary. It knows the local climate and current weather plus the internal temperature too – at all times. As such, you won’t need to leave a timer running at the wrong time and waste power: let, an enhanced green air conditioner do it all for you.

8. Automatically monitor pets

If you leave your pets at home then leaving the aircon or heating on for them can be tempting, whether they need it or not. However, temperature fluctuates throughout the day and weather can often change very quickly. A smart air conditioner controller can take all of these factors into account and adjust a room's internal temperature automatically. Or, you can connect to it remotely, using your phone, and help your pets that way. In this way, having a green air conditioner can benefit your furry friends as well as the environment.

If any of the above rings true and you want to transform your (or your workplace’s) regular aircon into a smart, green air conditioner, check out Ambi’s range of smart ac controllers, now!

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