Get the Full Story Of Our Crazy Year in Ambi Climate World

Get the Full Story Of Our Crazy Year in Ambi Climate World

We honestly can't quite believe 2017 has gone by so fast! If you feel the same and also have a need to reminisce, or you just want to see all the exciting and crazy journeys we've been through this year, read on!

In 2017, we had the chance to take part in numerous exciting events, across the globe -  spreading the Ambi Climate word wherever we went. CES 2017 (Las Vegas); Big Data Innovation, IoT Asia, CommunicAsia, and Innovfest Unbound (all Singapore); RISE and HKTDC Electronic Fair (HK); COMPUTEX (Taipei); CEATEC (Japan); and many other events across Asia, big and small! We were also super happy to receive several awards, for design and innovation - the IoT Asia Trailblazer Award, the COMPUTEX d&i Award and a neat little spot in HKTDC Electronic fair Hall of Fame!

HKTDC showcase.jpeg
Ambi Climate in the HKTDC Hall of Fame
iotasia trailblazer award.JPG
Our CEO, Julian Lee, presented with the IoT Asia Trailblazer Award
Ambi IFA 3
Ambi Climate on display with other winners of the COMPUTEX d&i Award

All this activity brought on a bunch of attention on international media - with over 400 pieces of media coverage and product reviews by TV stations, print & online publications, bloggers and influencers around the world, the likes of CNET, Digital Trends and NewsWatch!

Media Quotes blog recap

Big Wins

One of our major milestones this year was our Kickstarter Campaign; With over 80% of our backers coming from outside of Hong Kong, we were super proud – we’ve seen people from the United States, Thailand, Japan, Canada, Australia, just to name a few! With the help of an astounding 1,016 backers, we eventually raised US$155,885, exceeding our initial funding goal by 311%! We also ran more crowdfunding campaigns with Kibidango in Japan and Zeczec in Taiwan, further spreading the word and getting to work on more features and perks.

Alexa Ambi post

Another amazing achievement this year was our new Alexa Integration - allowing an even easier way to automate your home with Ambi Climate! Along with other tweaks to our app interface, we hope it has made using Ambi Climate even more hassle-free.

What Else?

We had the chance to run two surveys (in Hong Kong and Worldwide) and find out more about your usage habits, preferences and how you feel about your air conditioner - to help us provide you with an even better product and service. We found out many of you experience the same comfort issues and barriers in solving them.

We also launched our new website, full of useful information about how Ambi Climate works, the A.I. technology behind it and everything else you need to know! With this new step, we also worked hard throughout the year to expand to even more markets, retail and online: from Amazon to b8ta store in the US, to multiple retailers in Singapore (such as We The People, with which we had an awesome launch event), Japan, Hong Kong and Macau - Feels like Ambi is everywhere and we like that! If you'd like the full list of where you can find us, you can find it here.

Coming Up

CES 2018 we're almost there! Super excited to be joining this amazing event once again.

CES 2018

We've got more surprises up our sleeve, such as our long-awaited Geolocation feature and many more upgrades and improvement to give you the best experience! Now that we've grown from 25 to over 40 employees in Hong Kong, Philippines and Japan, we're sure we can do it :)

We hope you have a wonderful 2018. see you in next year's recap!

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