Ambi Climate 2nd Edition - LIVE On Kickstarter!

Ambi Climate 2nd Edition - LIVE On Kickstarter!

Back in 2014 we launched the first Ambi Climate with a Kickstarter campaign, and now we're ready for round number two! Are you ready to join us?Ambi Climate aims to make your life a breeze; an A.I. Powered, award-winning device meant to redefine how you experience your air conditioner, Ambi Climate uses built-in sensors and unique artificial intelligence technology to detect and analyze the impact of multiple factors on your thermal comfort; learning from your feedback, it auto-adjusts your air conditioner to give you the ultimate peace of mind. While most people think temperature is the only factor that affects thermal comfort, there are in fact 6 different ones, including humidity, outdoor weather and sunlight, among others.

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We’ve spent a lot of time and effort perfecting the Ambi Climate experience; modernizing the design for a seamless finish to blend into your lifestyle, working on exciting new features and integrations and making our artificial intelligence - the thing that separates us from the competition - even smarter. We call it Ambi Climate 2nd Edition and it is now LIVE on Kickstarter!!!

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Join the users already enjoying ultimate comfort, and take advantage of our Super Early Bird price of US$79! We need your help to push the campaign forward and spread the word so please back us (even $1 is something!) and help share with your friends and family, so everyone can enjoy Ambi Climate 2nd Edition this year.Our campaign page will give you all updates, videos, features and other pledge tiers and you can also read about our journey and what our product can do for you. Make sure to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for all updates!

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