Why Air Conditioning is Essential for Your Pet’s Comfort When You’re Away

Why Air Conditioning is Essential for Your Pet’s Comfort When You’re Away

As modern life poses increasingly strenuous schedules, most of us are getting so busy only to realize that we’re rarely at home. For pet owners, this is an even harder fact of life; leaving your pet alone at home all day is stressful for them, for you and unsurprisingly, for your air conditioner as well. Let us break it down for you.

Your beloved companions naturally get upset when being left alone at home; even a short trip to the store may feel like forever, and when you’re gone all day they may spend all their time roaming the house aimlessly or waiting for you at the door. Plus, their heart and respiration rates increase - causing a spike in body temperature. This can be monitored if we leave the air conditioner on to maintain a thermal neutral zone, which basically means keeping their body temperature under normal levels in a comfortable environment. But why should we do that, how, and more importantly - how do we know what’s right?

The Importance of Thermal Comfort in Your Pets' Lives

While all pets are created different, there are still two undeniable factors that we need to look out for: indoor humidity and temperature. According to Dr. Myers, a professional veterinarian, humidity is a big problem for pets because it disrupts their natural cooling system and may make them feel hotter or colder than it actually is. These extreme temperatures, or illusions of temperature due to fluctuating conditions, can cause your pet to catch a cold, suffer a heat stroke or just be super uncomfortable.

The problem most, if not all of us face, is being able to monitor and control such a delicate situation when we’re constantly away from home. How can we track these crucial factors and make sure our pets are comfy, healthy and well? The fact is, we don’t have time or capacity to constantly adjust our air conditioner, so keeping humidity and temperature under control is just not feasible. We want our best friends to feel as good as we do at home, but lacking the tools, we fail; consequently, our pets are more likely to suffer and we are more likely to get a serious case of “guilty feelings” syndrome.

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Mold Allergies, Fleas, and Other Dangers

If feeling bad for leaving our pets alone wasn’t enough, failing to provide them with an optimal environment can also lead to dangerous and very unpleasant outcomes that can affect their health and well-being. High humidity and warm temperatures can lead to mold and flea infestation, which in turn can cause allergic reactions and infections; if the house gets too cold, your poor friend is going to be shaking in a corner all alone with no one to turn to, right before getting the sniffles which will send you straight to the vet.


The answer that might seem logical is: “I’ll just leave my AC on while I’m gone”. However, there are two basic issues with this proposition. Firstly, leaving the AC on all day and blasting it at a very low or very high temperature will surely take a toll on your energy usage, leading to overheating or overcooling and an inflated electricity bill. Secondly, how will you know which temperature to use? Even if you consider today’s forecast, conditions change and fluctuate throughout the day, creating a need for temperature or mode adjustments that you will just not be able to make while at work; and predicting how outdoor conditions will affect your home is even harder.

Creating the Perfect Environment the Smart Way

An easier solution to this age-old problem could be a Smart AC Controller, which will not only sense current conditions such as indoor humidity and temperature, but combine various data points to auto-adjust the air conditioner and craft an ideal environment based on your needs and preferences. Ambi Climate can do just that, as well as allow complete control on-the-go, so that you’re always aware and able to provide your pets with comfort, even if you got stuck working on a project. Various Smart Modes, smart scheduling tools, and a powerful AI engine allow you to select preferred temperatures or humidity levels, and you can even save up to 30% on your electricity bill to create a more energy-efficient home! With such pure and intelligent Home Automation, you can definitely sit back and relax knowing that everything and everyone is taken care of.

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