Introducing 7 Practical Ways for Smart & Easy Energy Saving this Winter

Introducing 7 Practical Ways for Smart & Easy Energy Saving this Winter

Winter is well on its way and already the nights are drawing in earlier. To get you fully prepped for the seasonal change, we’ve decided to round up some cost-effective options to keep you warm without having to deal with skyrocketing energy costs!


Worn weatherstripping, especially around windows and doors create drafts allowing cold air to seep in easily. Before the cold front hits, make sure to replace any worn weatherstripping and add caulk around the edges of your doors and unwanted gaps. Use draught-proofing strips around window frames; and if you own sash windows, remember to opt for brush strips - they work 100% better!

Already got these areas sealed? Consider small holes that let air in, such as letterboxes and electrical boxes in your exterior walls. For electrical boxes, you can remove the cover plate and fill the tiny gaps around the box with acrylic latex caulk to minimize drafts.


Ceiling Fans

Most of us think that ceiling fans are only great for cooling down amidst the summer heat. However, if you add a twist and view it in terms of physics - heat rises, and the heat does not really keep you warm if it's stuck on the ceiling of your apartment. A ceiling fan will definitely help push and circulate that warm air to the floor to keep you warm.

Ceiling Fan

Get a Portable Heater and Humidifier

A humidifier not only keeps your indoor conditions more bearable from the dry winter air, but it also makes it feel a little warmer than it really is. Consider getting a portable heater and place it near where your family gathers, such as the living room. This way, you can keep your thermostat a few degrees lower and the rest of your apartment will be cooler, while you will stay warm. Small investment, but you will definitely see those savings throughout winter!


The sun is an excellent source of warmth during the winter - it’s free too, so take advantage of it! Keep your blinds open during the day, especially on the south side of your apartment, and trim any tree branches or shrubs to maximize sunlight coming in. This will naturally raise the indoor temperature of your home, but remember to close your blinds at night so they act as barriers to reduce any drafts.



Fireplaces can be great during the winter - downside is, when they’re not in use, warm air tends to escape through the chimney. If you happen to have one, remember to either keep the damper closed or block the airflow with an inflatable chimney balloon. If you do use your fireplace on a regular basis, consider installing a tempered glass door and a heat-air exchange system that circulates warm air back into your room.



Insulation is like a winter coat for your home - thicker it is, the warmer your apartment will be. Cover the inside of your window frames and patio doors with transparent plastic films. They are relatively inexpensive, simple to stick on, and if placed correctly, it should be barely noticeable.

Your hot water heater works against the cold to keep the water warm during winter, and that itself consumes a lot of energy to retain heat. Try giving your water heater an extra layer by wrapping it up in fibreglass insulation - it will definitely make a difference!

Get Smart

A decade ago, being energy efficient took real effort, both physically and mentally. Nowadays, with automated power-saving technology, such as smart LEDs and thermostats, they sense whether appliances are being used and they automatically turn off the supply so you don’t have to.

You can start installing your smart home system today with a smart AC control! Ambi Climate, for example, works with heat pumps. You can set timers and schedules, and it learns your behavior patterns. You can turn off or reduce heating at a specific time when you’re away from home, and with its geo-location feature, it can automatically turn on your heat pump before you reach home!

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