Extreme Heat and Your AC: How to Stay Cool While Being Eco-conscious

Extreme Heat and Your AC: How to Stay Cool While Being Eco-conscious

While climate change is still a hotly debated topic, there’s no doubt that we’re experiencing more extreme weather events. (Seriously, it’s hot, right?) This has implications on more than just your comfort; extreme weather affects your health, energy, productivity… This in turn means cranking the AC, which uses more energy and has a further effect on our planet.

So, how can you keep cool while still minimizing your energy usage and being environmentally conscious? Let’s take a closer look…

The world is getting hotter

The past five years have collectively been the warmest years in modern records, so it’s safe to say we can see a long-term global warming trend. According to NASA, we’re already feeling the effects with flooding, heat waves, intense rain and changes in the ecosystem across the globe: Europe, New Zealand, the Middle East, and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans have all had record high temperatures last year. Why exactly does it happen? While things like agriculture and deforestation are a key contributor, WWF Australia says the main cause of global warming is greenhouse gases, particularly from burning fuels to generate electricity.

Heat waves can mean bad news for energy usage

It’s a vicious cycle; when the temperatures skyrockets, we’re tempted to keep fidgeting with the AC to make it cooler, causing us way more hassle but also using up way more energy and increasing carbon emissions.

On top of that, extreme temperatures and constant adjustments often bring along increased usage, overcooling and sky-high electric bills, making you feel guilty and unable to balance your comfort with being environmentally-conscious. The trouble is, traditional air conditioners can’t keep up with the heat.

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Air conditioners have to be smarter

Even with strong climate action, population growth means that temperatures are expected to keep climbing; average temperatures may even warm at least twice as much in the next hundred years. If the weather is changing, technology has to as well, and we need to find ways for our air conditioners to adapt to growing needs and cope with extreme weather.

Unfortunately, it’s not only temperature that affects your comfort; there are six factors like humidity, sunlight, outdoor weather and metabolic rate that affect it as well. While your traditional air conditioner might not be able to factor these things in, smart AC control can.

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What is smart AC control?

Smart AC control exists in different forms nowadays - it allows for easier control, improved comfort and much better energy savings since you will be using your AC as efficiently as possible. A smart AC controller communicates with your existing air conditioner to automatically control it, adjust it and inject the smartest technology to improve it. With advanced capabilities like temperature and humiditysensors, AI and Machine Learning to learn about you and your environment, the smart AC controller will determine the best AC settings and adjust your AC accordingly. This means that while temperatures may continue to rise, your energy use and bills don’t have to.

Find out more about getting comfort and peace of mind by tackling the challenges of extreme heat, while still showing respect for our beautiful planet.

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