Do You Like Your AC? Compare Yourself to the World Now!

Last month, we were super curious to find out how people around the world use their air conditioner, how important it is to them and what are the problems they face while using it; we decided to go on a journey and send people in 5 countries a survey that will find just that. Read on to explore our findings!


The Love is Real


As compared to other modern conveniences, such as a fan, WiFi or our beloved smartphone, the air conditioner was consistently ranked #1. Seems like people in all different countries and climates really can't live without it!

Using But Failing


We found that everyone uses their air conditioner quite a lot; the United States topped the list with 13.8 average hours per day, and Malaysia closed the bottom with 8.1 hours. All in all, it's safe to say people most likely use their AC whenever they're at home, setting the temperature within a range, dependent on their location - Singapore using the highest average set-point temperature of 23.7°C, which is something that may help Singaporeans minimize their energy consumption.

But there is one major issue everyone complains about...


Literally everyone complained that they can never set their AC to give them a good environment they can be continuously comfortable in. The problem we kept hearing is feeling too cold, normally throughout the night, when our body's temperature and the external temperature fluctuate quite a bit; or first thing in the morning, as normally that's when our body's temperature is the lowest.

This means the initial temperature we set our air conditioner to before we went to bed, just doesn't cut it when it comes to comfort! Our air conditioner needs several adjustments throughout the day and night, to confront changing weather and consider other factors - this is a bit hard to do all on our own.


As we can see, a great majority rarely adjusts their air conditioner, and so their needs are not taken into account - resulting in lack of thermal comfort, which we know is essential to keep us happy and calm.

Safe to say, our main gathering from the survey (aside from the obvious fact everyone loves their AC), is that a constant, reliable solution must be used to bridge the gap between the traditional air conditioner and our needs.

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