American air conditioning - How to save money when using it

American air conditioning - How to save money when using it

American air conditioning is an ubiquitous feature of life in the United States. From homes to businesses, from cars to public transport, air conditioning units are found in almost every corner of the United States. In fact, according to a report by the US Energy Information Administration, over 87 per cent of households in the United States have air conditioning, making it one of the most common features of American homes. Here’s what you need to know about American air conditioning.

A brief history of American air conditioning

The invention of air conditioning can be traced back to the early 1900s when Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioning unit. The first commercial air conditioning system was installed in a movie theater in 1922 in Los Angeles, California. This marked the beginning of the widespread use of air conditioning in public spaces, such as movie theaters, hotels, and restaurants.

In the 1950s, air conditioning became more-affordable and accessible to the general public. With the invention of the window air conditioning unit, homeowners were able to install air conditioning in their homes without the need for expensive central air conditioning systems.This led to a surge in demand for air conditioning units, and by the 1960s, air conditioning had become a standard feature in most new homes built in the United States.

How Americans Use Air Conditioning

The American air conditioning is used varies depending on a number of factors, such as climate, income, and personal preference. In warmer regions of the country, such as the South and Southwest,air conditioning is used year-round, while in cooler regions, such as the Northeast and Midwest, it is typically used only during the summer months.

The most common type of air conditioning unit found in American homes is the central air conditioning system. This system consists of a large unit that is installed outside the home, which pumps cool air through a series of ducts and vents located throughout the house. Central air conditioning systems are typically controlled by a thermostat, which allows homeowners to set the temperature to their desired level.

Another common type of American air conditioning unit found in homes is the window unit. Window units are self-contained air conditioning units that are installed directly in a window or through a hole in a wall. They are often used in smaller homes or apartments where central air conditioning is not practical or affordable.

Portable units are also becoming increasingly popular forms of American air conditioning. These are typically smaller than window units and can be moved from room to room. They are ideal for renters or for homeowners who do not want to install a permanent air conditioning unit.

In addition to using air conditioning in their homes, Americans also use air conditioning in their cars where it’s become a standard feature. Air conditioning is also found in many public spaces, such as shopping malls, movie theaters, and restaurants.

Ambi's smart controller can transform any American air conditioning unit into a smart home device.
Ambi's smart controller can transform any American air conditioning unit into a smart home device.

The impact of American air conditioning on society and the environment

While American air conditioning is now normal, it has also had a significant impact on American society and the environment. One of the most significant impacts has been its effect on energy consumption.According to the US Department of Energy, air conditioning accounts for about 6 per cent of all the electricity produced in the United States.

The high level of energy consumption of American air conditioning has several implications. Firstly, it can lead to high electricity bills for homeowners, particularly during the summer months when air conditioning use is at its highest. Secondly, it can put a strain on the electrical grid, particularly during periods of high demand, such as heatwaves. Finally, it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, which are a major contributor to climate change.

How to save money on American air conditioning

Aircon units are dumb, white goods which turn on and off and, if you're lucky, have a timer that works. If you forget to turn them off, they waste expensive electricity. Also, if you turn them on periodically to rapidly cool (or heat) your home (or office) they'll instigate a series of power surges which attempt to rapidly dump conditioned air into a premises until a set temperature is reached. This is inefficient and wastes electricity.

But, it doesn't have to be this way. If you use a smart air conditioning controller, it transforms your American air conditioner into a smart home device. The controller will communicate with your AC unit the same way its remote does but it can also connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled by an app on your phone.

With this app (or a smart home speaker) you can train your American air conditioning to automatically maintain the temperature that you like at different times of day, at different times of year - it even knows what the weather is like outside! It can also turn on automatically just before you get home and turn off automatically when you walk out the door - no more accidentally leaving it on all day (or all weekend!) If you've got a pet, you can keep it comfortable while it's at home without you. If there are many people arguing over the desired temperature it can automatically adjust to a perfect compromise.

If you want to reduce your electricity bills and add all of these great features to your American air conditioning, check out Ambi's range of smart AC controllers, right now!

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