How to Make Sure Your Baby Is Comfy When Using the Air Conditioner

How to Make Sure Your Baby Is Comfy When Using the Air Conditioner

If you’re a new parent or will soon become one, you definitely know that a major part is worrying about your baby’s well-being, comfort and health. Parents have long struggled with the elusive magic method to make sure a baby sleeps through the night and isn’t too hot or cold – why is it important and how does thermal comfort play such a key role?

For adults and children alike, thermal comfort is something that can seriously affect sleep quality as well as general health; for babies and young children, this is especially crucial. In general, if the room feels too cold for you, it's also too cold for your baby, and the same goes for when it’s warm. Overheating or over-cooling your baby’s room can pose some serious issues.

What Can Happen_

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

One of the major scares of being a new parent is SIDS - an unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant; this normally happens during sleep and in younger babies.

Thermal stress (overheating) has been shown to cause SIDS and is something many parents struggle with. Experts suggest to keep your baby's room at a temperature between 18°C-21°C; this obviously varies by country and climate, but this is the most common advice.


Low Sleep Quality

When a baby or a child is too hot or too cold, no one is going to be happy - especially not them. Your child's comfort relies on several factors such as clothing, external temperature, indoor conditions and how the baby regulates his or her body temperature. A major general mistake we make is that we use an AC set-point temperature that is either too low or too high, causing discomfort; an uncomfortable child equals an uncomfortable household, with interrupted sleep and grumpiness for all. Just imagine how you feel when you're too cold or too hot while sleeping. Annoying, right?

What Can I Do_
  • Try using a fan for better air circulation
  • Remove any covers/blankets or pillows from crib
  • Dress the baby in an extra layer instead of turning up the temperature
  • Always place your baby to sleep on the back
  • Check if baby is warm/cold by touching tummy or back of neck
  • Set your AC within the recommended temperature range
Is It Enough

It’s hard to monitor the exact conditions in a baby’s room even after completing the “checklist” above. Any room’s conditions fluctuate throughout the night, so even when the AC is set to one specific temperature – the overall environment will unlikely remain within the threshold you were looking for, as your air conditioner will not consider all the appropriate factors.

Room thermometers may help to show the current temperature in the room, but won't allow us to know anything further. Moreover, it will help us in no way while we're asleep or when we hold our AC remote trying to figure out what to do in order to reach the optimal conditions.

Who can deal with this in the middle of the night?

Ambi Climate steps in where traditional ACs are lacking. With full remote control from anywhere and several Smart Modes, Ambi Climate can help you achieve what you can’t do on your own. Ambi will utilize all its sensors, data and smart AI algorithms to enhance your air conditioner while considering all the factors above. This will be done in the most efficient, energy-saving and comfort-maximizing way, to ensure your children are well taken care of. You can set timers, thresholds and rules to keep the room in specific, optimal conditions, based on your preference.

It's about time you got a good night's sleep every day with no extra hassle, while your child always stays comfy, healthy and safe.

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