How to achieve comfortable AC (with old and new air conditioners)

How to achieve comfortable AC (with old and new air conditioners)

There are many kinds of air conditioners (AC) and they can operate in multiple ways. But, whatever the technology, they don’t always leave you feeling comfy. So, what are the problems and how can you achieve comfortable AC?

Why is my AC uncomfortable?

AC can become uncomfortable when you feel too hot, too cold, too humid, too dry or your aircon fluctuates from one extreme to another on its tortuous journey towards achieving comfortable AC. This can happen because AC units are either weak (and so take time to make a difference) or they’re powerful and overcompensate by lowering the temperature dramatically in an effort to balance temperatures. Whatever combination your AC forces on you, it’s common to feel too hot one minute and then too cold the next... and vice versa.

Things are further complicated when multiple people are sharing a home or office space and they all have different preferences. Simply setting a thermostat to a different number to please one person (or group of people) will displease others. So, how can you make all of them happy with comfortable AC?

How a smart AC controller will help achieve comfortable AC

A smart AC controller can be used in conjunction with your existing aircon unit to achieve comfortable AC. It doesn’t matter if it’s old or new, the third-party device will communicate with your AC unit using the same infra-red commands that the existing remote control uses. It can do this because it will either know the commands already (if it’s from a well-known popular brand) or it can quickly learn them from the original remote.

The benefit here is that, instead of you having to point the remote at the air conditioner, the smart AC controller will automatically implement the best settings for you and everyone else. It can do this autonomously (with AI) or you can tweak the settings via an app on your phone. It will also change settings incrementally instead of using inefficient, polar-opposite, blasts of hot and cold air to normalize temperature.

The smart AC controller will learn what makes you comfortable by monitoring your settings at different times of day. It will combine this information with the weather outside (it knows your location), the luminosity (lighting conditions within your premises), the internal temperature and humidity plus, power consumption. So, when you adjust the temperature the smart AC controller will build up a personal profile to the point where it knows what you will like (and when you like it) better than you do! This is how it achieves perfect, comfortable AC.

These controllers can also monitor multiple peoples’ preferences. By understanding what each user’s definition of comfortable AC is, the device can balance settings to minimize conflict and grief – no more veering from one extreme to another thanks to angry jabs at the thermostat.

If your pet is at home? Is it suffering? Keep it cosy with comfortable AC.
If your pet is at home? Is it suffering? Keep it cosy with comfortable AC.

It’s not just people who like Comfortable AC, but pets do too. Whether you’ve owned a pet for a long time or if you acquired a new companion when Covid kicked in, your pet could be at home suffering in its fur coat if your home is humid and hot. In such instances, a smart AC controller will be essential to provide them with comfortable AC by automatically regulating the temperature and humidity within your home, or you can adjust the settings with an app on your phone.

Another benefit of a smart AC controller is that it can make your home or office comfortable before you even get there. A feature called geofencing enables your device to start adjusting settings on approach to your home or office. The controller knows where it is due to online location data but, thanks to your phone app, it will know when you’re just a few blocks away. Consequently, it can achieve comfortable AC before you walk through the door.

If you’re interested in making your AC more comfortable, check out the AmbiClimate smart AC controllers. These devices won’t just get you comfortable AC, they’ll help reduce power consumption and the electricity bills that go with it! If your bills are huge, they can even pay for themselves!

Popular questions concerning comfortable AC

What is the best temperature for comfortable AC in summer?

According to various, global, government recommendations the ideal temperature setting for AC in summer is around 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Centigrade. However, this recommendation will not achieve comfortable AC for everyone as it’s primarily designed to reduce power consumption and electricity bills.

What is the best temperature for comfortable AC in winter?

A general, international, governmental consensus is that 66 degrees Fahrenheit, or 19 degrees Centigrade, is the best temperature setting in winter. But this is designed to save energy and reduce costs, which can increase 5-10% per degree difference! Alternatively, a smart AC controller will achieve comfortable AC and help reduce bills.

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