Your Regular AC Remote vs. Ambi Climate

Your Regular AC Remote vs. Ambi Climate

Smart air conditioner remote controllers. You’ve heard of them, but what’s it all about? Well, we’re here to tell you they’re the answer to your thermal comfort and AC controlling challenges. Too hot, too cold, arriving home to a hot stuffy house, soaring energy bills in summer and winter. You know what we’re saying. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! With Ambi Climate, these problems could be a thing of the past and personalized comfort can be the way of your future.

Let’s break it down…

There’s More to Thermal Comfort Than Just Temperature

The fact is, air conditioners themselves only consider temperature, but it is widely recognized that human thermal comfort is impacted by many things. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has identified six factors! Things like outdoor weather, sunlight, time of day, indoor humidity & temperature, as well as the amount of clothing you wear are crucial to your comfort levels.

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While your regular AC remote might allow you to set a mode, temperature, and even a timer, can it maximize and personalize your comfort? What makes each of us comfortable is highly personal, and our AC performance also varies with changing outdoor and indoor conditions. A regular AC remote definitely cannot manage and handle all these things. But, Ambi Climate can.

Smart AC Automation Considers your Comfort on Many Levels

Ambi Climate is the world’s first AI enabled smart air conditioner controller. The small device has multiple sensors that measure temperature, humidity and visible and IR light levels in the room. Data is then uploaded to our cloud server where we combine it with online data covering local weather, and time of day.

Ambi Climate learns from you and auto-adjusts to maximize your comfort

Through our smartphone app, you can indicate your comfort feedback. Our AI engine then automatically analyzes all this information to determine the impact of the various factors on you.

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A second Machine Learning model learns the performance of your air conditioning units

Data from our users have shown that the same equipment installed in different locations can have different output depending on factors such as the size of the room, orientation, age and maintenance of the AC.

Ambi Climate uses all this information to build you a personalized comfort profile and, get this, it automatically adjusts your air conditioner to the changing environment to make sure you’re comfy all day, every day.

Save up to 30% energy

According to our initial research, we found many AC users set their AC to a lower temperature than they need and then switch it off when it gets too cold. This unnecessary overcooling usually results in wasted energy as well as diminished thermal comfort. According to the Center for the Built Environment of UC Berkeley, a 1°C increase in the set-point temperature can result in up to 10% energy savings.

By allowing Ambi Climate’s AI to choose the most appropriate settings while analyzing data on-the-go, Ambi Climate can eliminate overcooling or overheating scenarios that result in a lot of wasted energy; the estimate is up to 30% savings on AC energy consumption and many users have reported savings of 20% or more on their electricity bill!

It’s all Part of the Smart Home Journey

If nothing else, we know you love building your Smart Home. Ambi Climate is supported by Smart Home integrations like Google Home and Amazon Alexa meaning you can control your AC without even lifting a finger. It also has many other unique smart features like smart scheduling, multi-user geolocation, and valuable insights into your usage patterns.

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Say Goodbye to Constant AC Adjustments and Shocking Energy Bills

As you see, when it comes to your regular remote vs. Ambi Climate, Ambi’s AI technology does so much more. Seeya later overcooling and overheating. Sayonara high energy bills. Hello consistent, cost-effective personalized comfort, all thanks to Ambi Climate, your AI-enabled smart air conditioner controller.

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