Siri Shortcut with Ambi Climate

Siri Shortcut with Ambi Climate

Apple users, do we have some good news for you! Enjoying optimal comfort thanks to Ambi Climate is now easier than ever with voice control. Siri Shortcuts is a new integration that allows you to control your AC through Siri - the beloved voice assistant for Apple’s iOS. And it’s now available for your smart home.This exciting new integration is all part of our commitment to continuously enhance your user experience and make AC comfort as effortless as possible. After introducing voice integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, we are really excited to have Siri on board, and we’re sure you will be too! Here’s how you can make the most out of Siri Shortcut...

Home automation through convenient voice control functions

Firstly, all you need is an existing Ambi Climate and iPhone, Apple Watch or HomePod. Then, you can take home comfort to a whole new level with three ready-to-use shortcuts:

  1. Set Comfort Mode - to turn on your air conditioner
  2. Set Off Mode - to turn off your conditioner
  3. Give Comfort Feedbacks - to tell your Ambi Climate how you’re feeling. Choose one of three supported feedbacks: “A Bit Cold”, “A Bit Warm” or “Comfy”.
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With Siri shortcut, you can also command your AC wherever you want. Normally, voice commands to control your AC only work when you’re at home and near the smart speaker, which requires constant WiFi. But Siri has no such boundaries. With your iPhone or Apple Watch connected to the Internet, you can voice command your AC from outside your home - even if you’re swimming!  Just talk to Siri through your waterproof Apple Watch and ask her to turn your air conditioner on or off so you return to a comfortably cool or warm home. Whether you’re driving home or leaving in a rush, Siri has your AC covered.

Personalize your voice commands with Siri Shortcut

Here is where the fun really starts. With Siri shortcut, you can freestyle whatever commands you want! Traditionally, you would have to use standard voice commands to adjust your air conditioner - typically,  “It’s a bit cold/warm”. Now, you can get creative by customizing voice commands. Need some inspiration? We can get you started!If you’re feeling a bit warm:“Beat the heat!”“Things are getting toasty here” If you’re feeling a bit cold:“Nearly time to start hibernating!”“I’m too cool for school!”If you’re perfectly comfy:Everything is Goldilocks comfyTo turn the AC on:Take me to paradise

How to set up Ambi Climate with Siri Shortcut

Note: Siri Shortcuts is available in iOS 12 or later. You will need to upgrade your Ambi Climate app to version 2.5.0.

Enjoy unprecedented comfort with Ambi Climate

Ambi Climate is the world’s first AI enabled smart air conditioner controller that auto-adjusts based on your preferences and usage patterns. The best thing is that once it’s set up and learning, there's very little else you need to do! Now that you can connect with Siri, it’s easier than ever to control your air conditioner and experience effortless comfort.Can’t wait to connect your Ambi Climate to Siri?Find everything you need to know here. Reinvent how you feel Ambi’s mix of intelligent features will change how you feel at all times and seasons.

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