New Widget Extension for iPhone Brings You Added Convenience

New Widget Extension for iPhone Brings You Added Convenience

Technology doesn’t stop so neither do we! At Ambi Labs, we’re continuously inventing new features so you can enjoy even more convenience. Apple users, this one’s for you. Our new Widget extension makes it even quicker and easier for you to control your Ambi Climate and achieve optimal thermal comfort.

Main functions

This latest feature is a control and information widget that allows you to check and interact with your Ambi without having to open the app first. You can:

  • Control your Ambi Climate device/s.
  • Give comfort feedback.
  • View current room conditions.

How to add Ambi Widget

Like all things Ambi, getting the Widget set up is pretty easy. Start by swiping left from your home or lock screen. Then:

  • Scroll to the bottom and tap the Edit button
  • Choose to add Ambi Climate under MORE WIDGETS
  • The Widget will appear on the search screen

*Tips for you! Tap the Ambi Climate app icon using 3D Touch and the Widget will pop up!

How to use it

Again, we’ve kept it pretty simple to give you absolute convenience!

  • Use the left and right arrows at the top to find and select the Ambi device you want to control. This is also where you’ll see the current room temperature and humidity.
  • Tap “A Bit Warm” or “A Bit Cold” to instantly let Ambi know how you feel.
  • Tap “Comfort Mode” to turn on Comfort Mode for personalized comfort.
  • Tap “Off Mode” to turn off your air conditioner.
  • You will see a tick in the button when the action is performed.

Get it now on iOS 10 or later

For now, Widget is only available to iPhone users. You will need iOS 10 or later and you’ll also need to make sure you have updated your Ambi Climate app to version 2.5.0. At this stage it only supports English.

Remember, if you need help, our support page is only a click away.

Enjoy Ultimate Convenience with Smart AC Control

Ambi Climate is the world’s first AI-enabled smart air conditioner controller that auto-adjusts based on your preferences and usage patterns and can be controlled via your smartphone or hands-free. The best bit is that once it’s set up and learning, there’s very little else you need to do. With the iOS widget, it is easier than ever to control your air conditioner and experience effortless comfort.

Check out the latest range of Smart AC controllers from Ambi Climate, here!

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