Multi-user Comfort Puts an End to the Battle of the AC Settings

Multi-user Comfort Puts an End to the Battle of the AC Settings

Thermal comfort is a personal experience, but what happens when there’s more than one person in the room? It’s an actual fact that women feel the cold more than men. But gender isn’t the only determining factor; seniors tend to be a little more sensitive to cold, and even height and weight could make a difference! The truth is, no two people will be affected by the same factors in the same way and one traditional air conditioner setting just isn’t going to cut it. It’s time to put an end to the battle of the AC settings, and stop fidgeting with the remote or wasting energy due to multiple changes rife with expensive overcooling or overheating.

Multi-user Comfort is the latest feature from Ambi Climate to bring you harmony, not just comfort!

The existing Ambi Climate experience analyzes multiple factors to smartly deliver comfort to one user; however, the aim of  Multi-user Comfort is to automatically balance the comfort preferences of everyone - immediately enhancing the general comfort - no matter how many of you there are! The end result? A happy household with no more temperature tantrums.  

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Combined comfort holds many benefits for any household

While our users have told us they love the convenience of Ambi Climate, they also told us they wanted a more balanced way to control their home environment. Multi-user Comfort creates combined comfort in any home, whether you’re a family, couple or roommates; by continuously taking average comfort into account, you’ll also enjoy great savings and a lot less hassle.

Quite simply, the intelligent model will consider and balance everyone’s preferences, then auto-adjust the AC accordingly. If the AC is on and Ambi Climate is in comfort mode, any user with access to the device can update their own comfort preferences and contribute to the Multi-user Comfort effect. Ambi Climate will automatically combine individual feedback into one comfort profile and control the AC settings to create thermal conditions that balance everyone's needs, ultimately making everyone feel their best and helping your shave those dollars off your electricity bill.

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Explore more Ambi Climate features

How it works:

Simply check yourself and/or other users into the room - either manually through any app interaction (giving feedback, adjusting the AC and more) or through any of our Smart Home integrations, such as Geolocation, IFTTT and voice control (with Alexa, Google Home or Siri Shortcuts) - and let Ambi’s AI automatically combine your different profiles to deliver balanced comfort.

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To check in:

  • Turn on AC (manually, or through Geolocation / IFTTT / voice control)
  • Adjust fan/louver/temperature
  • Give comfort feedback
  • Give mode feedback
  • Manually check-in yourself or others by checking the circle next to email address; or
  • Let Ambi sense who’s joining you in the room via Geolocation triggers

To check out:

  • Use Smart Home integrations to let Ambi sense who’s coming and going; or
  • Manually check-out by un-checking the relevant user circle
  • Turn off the AC (manually or in-app)

FYI: As users are checked in or out, Ambi Climate will re-calibrate the system for remaining users as needed.

View combined profile

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The Multi-user Comfort feature also allows you to learn more about the people you share your home with. Ever wondered why your housemate is always rugged up, or why your teens complain about the heat? Your household’s combined comfort profile will show you how you compare to the whole user group.

If you’re ready to further simplify the comfort of your entire household with Multi-user Comfort, get started by ensuring your Ambi Climate App is updated and everyone at home has access!

Need some more help? Visit our support page for tips from the Ambi Climate Knowledge Base or to get in touch.

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