Make Your Life and Home Better with Geolocation for Easy AC Control

Make Your Life and Home Better with Geolocation for Easy AC Control

Wouldn't it be great to just come home and automatically have the perfect conditions? Or go out with friends without worrying whether you turned the AC off? We're proud to introduce Ambi Climate's newest feature - read on to see what it's all about!


After months of hard work and making sure every need was answered, we're happy to release our sought-after Multi-user Geolocation feature! In this post we'll give an overview of the feature, how it works and all the possibilities for you to seamlessly automate your life.

Basically, the Multi-user Geolocation feature is here to eliminate even more hassle and worrying. Our basic concept? Set and forget. Not only can you and anyone you share your device with set preferences, modes and Geo-fencing radiuses, but with the "First In, Last Out" approach, you can be sure that everyone is covered.

So, How Does Geolocation Work?

In order to use the feature, you would first need to allow location services for the Ambi Climate app on your mobile phone. Once you've done that, you will be able to set the location of your device and name it, as well as properly create all your geo-rules.

OK - let's set some rules!


The next step, and the most fun, is actually setting the different scenarios for your arrival and departure! Simply tap on either of them to move on; when you tap on each setting, you'll see the following menus and you can customize your experience.


For instance, you could choose Comfort Mode for arrival and trigger "If I am the first person to arrive" + choose Off Mode for departure and trigger "If I am the last person out". This will make sure you're covering all bases in case several people are using the same device - no ACs left on by mistake here!


Pro Geo-fencing Tips You Should Know

  1. You can set multiple rules and triggers to plan out your day and your AC schedule.
  2. You can create different rules with different radiuses and arrival/departure modes to match your needs, seasons or anything else you want.
  3. For the “First In, Last Out” scenario, all users of the device must have their location services turned on and make sure they have set up a Geo-rule for that specific location in order to be considered.
  4. If more than one Geo-rule is set for a device, by different users, the settings of the user who is arriving/leaving will be prioritized.
  5. You can turn your Geo-rules on or off, and edit your radius as you wish.

If you have any questions simply contact us, and if you're already playing around with the feature - we can't wait for your feedback in the comments below.

* Please make sure to update your Ambi Climate app to the newest version in order to enjoy Multi-user Geolocation

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