Make the Most of the Ambi Climate App – Insights and Analytics

Make the Most of the Ambi Climate App – Insights and Analytics

The Ambi Climate app (available for iOS and Android) is not only designed to manage and control your AC, but also to make it easy for you to stay informed on your AC usage, and gain a greater insight into your usage patterns overtime! This way, you can visualize which factors affect your comfort most, how often you use certain modes, and how long you run your AC for - all directly through the app. Not entirely sure how it works?  Read on and find out!


All you have to do is simply tap on the Analytics button in the bottom left menu, and then on Insights:

AC Run Time


The first screen you will come across is AC Run Time. It’s as simple as it sounds, giving you a summary of your AC usage over the past 4 weeks. It makes it easy for you to stay informed about your household AC usage patterns, so your monthly bill won’t startle you! It’s also especially useful for those of you that use ‘Away Mode’, as it gives a basic overview of how long your AC runs on average when you leave Ambi Climate to monitor your environment.

Average AC Set Points


Swipe left, and it will take you to the next page: Average AC Set Points. Here you will see the average set points of your AC over the past 4 weeks individually, and collectively in green. You can gain insights and track how increases and decreases in your AC’s set points reduce your energy usage - perfect for the eco-conscious and for those who are trying to save on energy bills!

Temperature & Humidity


Swipe left again, and you will arrive at the Temperature & Humidity page, where you can monitor both your indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity over the past 7 days. The graphs were created so you can get a better understanding of the correlation between indoor and outdoor conditions.

Mode Usage


The Mode Usage page gives you an overview on how you've utilized Ambi Climate to maintain a comfortable environment. It records which modes were used the most in the past 4 weeks, and provides a breakdown of the hours used. For Away Mode-users, here you can view how many hours the mode was active and the amount of time the AC was used to maintain the set threshold!

Comfort Feedback Learned


Keep swiping and you will reach the Comfort Feedback Learned page. The Comfort Map with colorful dots shows what type of feedback (i.e. freezing, a bit cold, comfortable, hot) you have given in specific conditions - temperature and time of the day. Where no feedback is given, it makes it hard for Ambi Climate to learn your personal comfort preferences and make adjustments for you with high confidence in that certain condition. So definitely remember to give your Ambi Climate as much feedback as possible, so it can gain a better understanding of your comfort at all times and conditions.

Importance of Comfort Factors


Lastly, you will reach a page that displays a Radar Chart. As we all know, comfort isn’t all just about the temperature alone - as such, this chart gives a nice insight (as well as percentages) into the factors that determine your personal comfort based on the feedback you’ve given. A peaking axis indicates that the factor plays a large role in your comfort. In this case, weather and metabolism are the most important factors that influence comfort for the user above.

That is it for this post! Let us know in the comments what 'FAQ & How To' posts you would like us to do next. Enjoy tracking and monitoring your stats!

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