Enjoy Smart Scheduling and Automation with Ambi Climate

Enjoy Smart Scheduling and Automation with Ambi Climate

Spending a large chunk of our day outside the house means an even bigger need to find smart solutions for Home Automation and efficient Smart Home systems that can take care of stuff while we're out and about. Here's how Ambi Climate can help plan out your day and cover all the bases!

So much has been said about the perks and benefits of Home Automation; it saves us money, time and a whole lot of effort. Besides the Smart Modes, unique AI engine and various features here to make your life easier, there are 2 specific tools you can use to optimize your AC and home throughout the day.


Implement Smart Scheduling with Unlimited Timers

With Ambi, you can set up as many timers as you'd like, for any of the Smart Modes on offer! Planning out your day has never been easier, and you can schedule everything to fit your needs: turn the AC on in Comfort Mode before you get home each day after work, turn off the AC in the bedroom after you wake up and head to the kitchen to make coffee, or create any other scenario you have in mind.

  • Unlimited timers (for Comfort Mode, Away Mode, Temperature Mode & Off)
  • Choose specific days for specific timers, to fit your schedule
  • Easily toggle and control which timers are active

To set up a timer simply go to your chosen device in-app, tap on "Device" and then "Timers". Tapping the + will open up a menu where all you need to do is name the timer, choose the hour and days and decide on the action. As simple as that!

[caption id="attachment_5650" align="aligncenter" width="758"]


Screen captures show iOS app, but are similar on Android[/caption]

Keep your Home and Power Bill Under Control with Away Mode

If you’re away a lot, whether due to long working hours or frequent travel - you know the pain of worrying about your home. When extreme weather hits, this is even harder, as we start thinking about different things that can go wrong if we don't make sure to cool or heat properly. While leaving the AC on for a week is wasteful and not turning it on will most likely bring trouble, Ambi Climate's Away Mode allows you to adjust and maintain a heating, cooling or drying threshold to ensure none of that nasty stuff comes your home's way. This could also be useful for pet owners leaving their pets unattended for long hours, vacation home owners who want to stay on top of things and many other useful scenarios.

To set your preferred scenario simply go to your chosen device in-app and choose Away Mode from the "Modes" menu. This is what you'll see:


Screen capture shows iOS app

By tapping the slider in the middle you'll be able to choose your threshold: temperature above, temperature below or humidity below a certain level. Then just set your preferred conditions and let Ambi do the rest! Our intelligent AI engine will only turn the AC on when needed to maintain your preference - this way you can know for sure that your home is well-maintained but energy is still being saved. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn't it?

If you're ready to make your life even easier with Ambi Climate now is the time to experiment with all these useful tools - setting everything up will take you 5 minutes and then eliminate hours of frustration and $$$ on your energy bill. Looking to gain more control? See where you can purchase Ambi to create a full network of efficient automation throughout your home!

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