Ambi Climate Compatibility - How to Know You're Good to Go

Ambi Climate Compatibility - How to Know You're Good to Go

Thinking about getting an Ambi Climate, but not sure if it’s compatible with your AC?  No worries, we’ve got you covered!  

Here’s a short post covering 4 simple steps you can do to check your compatibility - then hopefully, you are good to go! Remember, if you have any enquiries you are always welcome to send a quick message to our customer support team.

#1   Air Conditioner: Infrared-Controlled


First and foremost, Ambi Climate works only with Infrared-controlled air conditioners. Luckily, you can use Ambi Climate with different types of these ACs - window, freestanding, split or central units. Our Infrared code database makes setting up your Ambi Climate a breeze so that you don’t have to program your remote into our system.

#2   AC Remote: LCD-Screen

remote support -1.jpg

Ambi Climate supports only LCD-screen remotes at the moment. It cannot support non-LCD screen remotes, or as we call them: ‘Toggle remotes’. In short, the nature of IR coding of remotes with LCD-screen and non-LCD screens is different. ‘Toggle remotes’ only send a partial command (i.e. set the temperature up) without the rest of the AC state information, because they are paired with ACs that have a display screen, so users can check whether their AC is set to their desire temperature and adjust accordingly. However, because of this, Ambi Climate can’t be sure what temperature the AC would be set to; hence, affecting its ability to accurately adjust your AC for better comfort.

If you own an LCD-screen remote, you can go here to check if your AC is supported by providing: i) your AC’s manufacturer and ii)  AC's model number. It's as simple as that!

Chances are, your remote is listed on our website, but if not, don’t be disheartened! We are rapidly adding codes and manufacturers to our database, and we can often support a similar remote under a different brand or model number - simply send us a quick message with images of the front and back of your AC remote, and we will check your compatibility for you.

#3   WiFi Access


This one might not come as a surprise, but you need a stable broadband internet connection or 2.4GHz WiFi to connect your Ambi Climate to the cloud server. Make sure you have a solid and consistent WiFi router so that you can have continuous comfort with your Ambi Climate.

#4   Smartphone Requirements


Last but not least, you will obviously need a smartphone to access your Ambi Climate app! Here are the versions required to download our free app on iOS and Android:

iOSAndroidVersion 9.0 or later*Version 4.1 or later

*Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

We hope this cleared up any questions or inquiries you had; now that you've got it all checked out, you're totally ready to get your Ambi Climate!

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