Why Smart AC Control Is on the Rise and It's Time You Join the Trend

Why Smart AC Control Is on the Rise and It's Time You Join the Trend

Since 2020 it's been difficult to avoid the evolving world of smart air conditioner controllers when buying an AC system. They seem to be everywhere, with so many different features, integrations, perks and capabilities! Smart AC controllers simply mean we get to have an easier, more techy way to make our existing AC smarter, normally by just using WiFi and a dedicated app to instantly upgrade our smart home and ultimately, our comfort. Read on to learn about all the benefits of controlling your air conditioner through your phone, plus how popular it truly is and will surely continue to be.

Top Benefits of Controlling Your AC with Your Phone

Remotely controlling your air conditioner using an app on your phone is practically a norm these days; with many market players and technologies, you are simply left to choose your favorite option. While there are many reasons smart AC control is worth your time, we have summarized the most convincing ones.

Hassle-free Control & Monitoring


Using your phone to control your AC means you can do it anywhere, anytime. All you need is your smartphone, a dedicated app (for Android or iPhone) and of course the smart controller of your choice. Changing AC settings, checking your AC's status or learning from usage analytics is as simple as a few taps, and multiple people can access and control the same air conditioner too!

Improved and Personalized Comfort


Many smart air conditioner controllers are equipped with different sensors (temperature, humidity and others) to get a better picture of your complete home environment and give you more information so you can choose what to do. Controlling remotely also allows you to create pre-set conditions so that you always come back to a comfy home that's 100% to your liking. Nowadays, some controllers have additional sensors & intelligent features which combine data to learn and auto-adjust your air conditioner to the most optimal settings to achieve your comfort. This removes the need for you to interfere with settings or manual adjustments, as it is simply done for you.

Boosting Your Smart Home


When considering smart AC controllers it's important to choose one which provides different smart home integrations to help you automate your experience even further. Timers are a pretty basic functionality but look out for things like voice assistant integrations (such as Alexa, Google Home or Siri), and other tools such as Geolocation. The more integrations, the more customized experience you can achieve.

Greener Energy Consumption and Savings


Smart AC controllers will no doubt make your air conditioner perform better, give you comfort and simplify control; but they can also mean your air conditioner will be turned into a much more sustainable appliance, rather than the electricity-guzzling monster we are accustomed to. Different technologies such as special smart modes, smart timers and AI can help create a more efficient AC experience, which can sometimes save you up to 30% on your monthly bill!

The Growing Popularity of Smart AC Controllers

Recent rapid economic growth is leading to more disposable income coupled with an evolving lifestyle and a growing middle class - which means AC usage is on the rise, and more precisely, more people are interested in smartly controlling the AC. This trend is projected to accelerate the growth of the smart AC controller market with a CAGR of 26.0% during 2018-2025 and likely to garner US$8,770.1 Million by the end of 2025. Consumers in North America are the main ones driving the popularity upwards, with quick adaptation of technologies and smart solutions, but places like Russia, APAC, Italy and the Middle East are set to see major growth as well.

Clearly, this is the trend to ride on and learn more about - seems like every home will soon be equipped with smart AC control and our phones with smart apps to improve our lifestyle, AC usage, energy efficiency, comfort and smart home experience.

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