The Smart Guide to Air Conditioner Functions and Mode Settings

The Smart Guide to Air Conditioner Functions and Mode Settings

When we take a look at the huge amount of functions air conditioners and various remote controllers provide today, it may be a little overwhelming! To make it a bit clearer and help you use your air conditioner to its fullest potential, we've created a handy guide; whether you want to save energy or just be more comfy, check out these most common questions and solutions for AC usage.

How does an air conditioner determine the temperature in a room?

Your air conditioner has built-in sensors which help calculate the existing conditions; when it sucks in the air it will determine the temperature and if the air is warmer than your desired temperature, then your air conditioner will cool the air, and vice versa.  

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The problem? Your AC assumes that your whole room is the same temperature

Since the air conditioner only senses and calculates the air around it, it thinks the entire room enjoys the same conditions, but that's totally false! There are many reasons why the air temperature could be different: one side of your room that is closer to the windows may be warmer because it faces the sun the whole day; another side may be closer to your door so cool air escapes more frequently, which makes that side hotter as well.

Try using wide airflow mode to evenly distribute the temperature and make it more comfy

You can solve this bump in the road by choosing wide airflow on your AC controller; it allows the air conditioner to blow air wider around the room and usually would reach a longer distance too!

What are the best AC settings to save the most energy?

There are two parts, or a combination solution, to answering this question; make sure you are using Auto Mode and Eco Mode, as both will be essential for saving energy.

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Auto Mode VS On Mode

Your air conditioner will have different modes for you to choose from. Auto Mode means that your fan is only going to run when your AC needs to cool or heat the room to your desired conditions,  and will use varying fan speeds to do so; when the AC is simply set to be "On", your fan is used continuously, no matter the external condition. This, of course, wastes a whole lot of energy since your room may already be at a comfortable temperature. Using Auto Mode is definitely a better way to use your air conditioner since it doesn't cause your AC to overwork for nothing.

Eco Mode

The thing that guzzles up the most electricity in your air conditioner is the compressor; it pressurizes the air in the room to make you feel cooler - and it works really hard!

The lower the temperature you choose to set, the longer and harder your AC compressor will need to work in order to get rid of the heat and give you what you want. So how can you cut it some slack? Many air conditioners today will have some sort of Eco/Energy Saving Mode, which is usually a green button or would start with the word "Eco"; it works by increasing fan speed but choosing a temperature 2°C higher than your set-point. The result? you will most likely feel the same, but your compressor will not have to run on max capacity, eventually saving some energy!

What AC settings are best so that I don't have to constantly adjust my air conditioner?

With the weather constantly changing and temperatures fluctuating during different times of day, many wonder how they can avoid fiddling with the AC remote all day but still stay comfortable. Apparently, this is a super common issue!

There are several modes you can choose on your air conditioner: Dry Mode, Cool Mode, Fan Mode and Auto Mode we've mentioned earlier. Choosing the mode depends on your final aim and some modes will work best under certain conditions. Curious? This post may help clear it up!

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Will using a traditional air conditioner and the most appropriate settings be enough though?

Since your air conditioner can only sense temperature, it might not quite cut it in terms of providing you true comfort. According to ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), there are many other factors that affect our comfort aside from temperatures, such as humidity, time of day and sunlight. In addition, what makes us comfortable is unique to each of us and so the end result we strive for is different.

5 factors that affect our comfort

Luckily, bridging the gap is easier than you think! Find a smart solution that will work in tandem with your existing air conditioner and upgrade it to become a smart device. A smart AC controller could be the way to go if you find that you just can't win the comfort game. Ambi Climate can sense the environment around you, learn your comfort preferences and usually also have other benefits that would seamlessly blend into your Smart Home and improve your life.

If you're not sure how to get started or are still a bit confused, let an Ambi Climate smart controller do everything for you automatically. Check Out the latest models, here.

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