Singapore Aircon: 5 ways a smart AC controller makes it smarter, cheaper and better

Singapore Aircon: 5 ways a smart AC controller makes it smarter, cheaper and better

Few countries rely upon aircon more than Singapore. The heat and humidity might be normal for locals but so is escaping from it with good old Singapore aircon. However, at a time of global power crisis and in a country that relies upon AC 24/7, what can be done to make such an important part of life better, smarter, less expensive, more comfortable and more efficient? The answer is to use a smart air conditioner controller.

Smart AC controllers are gadgets that work in conjunction with your existing aircon unit. They’re a blessing for Singapore aircon, and here’s how:

10 ways a Smart AC controller makes Singapore Aircon smarter, cheaper and better

1. It saves money

The typical operational cycle for Singapore aircon is to remediate a hot and humid room by invoking a power surge which generates a mass of cold air before dumping it into a room, in cycles, until the sensor on the device (which might well be in the wrong place) registers that the target temperature has been reached.

However, this pump and dump methodology uses more power than is needed. It’s far more economical and efficient to make incremental adjustments over a longer period of time. Doing this saves electricity and subsequently, helps with bills where, in Singapore, aircon typically makes up a significant portion.

2. It’s more comfortable

How often is Singapore aircon really that accurate? It’s frequently too hot and too humid or, if you switch on the AC, a blast of cold air gets dumped upon you. It’s hard to maintain that sweet spot and keep you comfortable – especially if your aircon unit's sensor is high up in the room where the temperature is different.

A smart aircon controller, however, can be placed in a location that’s more reflective of your own position within a room. Its advanced sensor will then make incremental adjustments, as required, to keep the inside climes just right throughout the day.

3. You can sleep better

It’s all too common for people who use Singapore aircon to activate their AC when they go to bed, only to wake up freezing in the middle of the night. If you’re lucky, your unit may have a sleep mode which attempts to quietly adjust the temperature according to its sensor. But, the sensor is unlikely to be in bed with you!

A smart air conditioner controller's better positioning will better-control the temperature, so as to ensure your comfort throughout the night.

4. A.I. and the smart home

A good smart AC controller can add serious intelligence to Singapore aircon by taking into account the outside weather, time of year and amount of ambient sunlight in your premises to the point where you don’t ever need to even set the temperature – it learns your preferences.

What’s more, if you’re in a shared residence or office, multiple people can be profiled to have their preferences taken into account too. In group situations, where someone likes it hot and someone likes it cold, smart Singapore aircon will decide what’s best for you – no more squabbling!

Plus, you can also attach a smart aircon controller to smart speakers and simply tell them you’re too hot or too cold. This is one way that, over time, it will learn everybody's preferences.

Of course, a smart AC controller will mean that you needn’t manually turn the aircon on, or off, at all! It will do it for you through Geofencing. This is where the controller knows where you are because of your phone’s location, and automatically turns the AC off when you leave home and turns it back on again when you’re a few blocks away from returning. So, you can arrive home to the perfect temperature without having left it idly running all day – just what all Singapore aircon needs!

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It may be one of the most famous bars in the world and home to one of the world's most famous cocktails, but those who've visited Raffles' Long Bar probably agree that its antiquated, traditional, Singapore aircon (motorized, wafting ceiling fans) is arguably the worst AC in the world.

5. It operates via an app

We’re not saying that aircon remotes are bad, but they’re not great. Infra-red controls should have become extinct long ago but it’s not just Singapore Aircon that clings to the technology – this is normal around the world. Furthermore, batteries never seem to last as long as they should?!

Naturally, you can only be so high-tech with IR but this is where a good, smart air conditioning controller comes to the fore. The controller communicates directly with the AC unit via infra-red but it also connects to your Wi-Fi network. That way, you can control it via a phone app, wherever you are in the world.

This is especially important for travelers who rely on using their Singapore aircon when travelling: both in order to fend of mold growth and to be able to turn it off remotely if accidentally left on!

How to easily upgrade Singapore's aircon

The great thing about smart AC controllers is that they’re relatively inexpensive, can work in conjunction with any existing aircon unit and can save enough energy to potentially pay for themselves, if your electricity bills are high. They’re the perfect augmentation for Singapore aircon units so, check out the range from Ambi Climate and make your AC smarter, cheaper and better.

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