How To Fully Optimize Your AC to Conquer Extreme Weather

How To Fully Optimize Your AC to Conquer Extreme Weather

In this time and day, with issues like global warming and overly-fluctuating weather conditions, it's becoming very hard to keep track of the highs and lows, pun intended. Seems like everyone relies on possibly the greatest invention - the air conditioner - to help cope; but how can we use our AC to feel comfortable while still saving money and being kind to the environment?

It's no surprise that extreme weather - be it a heatwave or a cold front - seriously affects our comfort and is very hard to control, let alone adjust to. Most of us deal with extreme weather in an extreme matter: we blast our air conditioner to the lowest temperature when we're hot and we raise the degrees way too high when we're cold. What we don't know, is that this is the most common mistake we can make; we waste heaps of energy and are actually hurting the environment, and the worst of it is we're not even 100% comfortable!


The latest example for this scenario comes from Australia. Suffering from a massive ongoing heatwave, temperatures have reached record-breaking highs of nearly 50°C! At the same time, there is so much fluctuation, sudden temperature drops, hail storms and thunderstorms - Australians just can't keep up with the wild weather.

What's the Story?

When people face this type of extreme situation they make the following mistakes:

  1. Use the wrong set-point temperature, wasting a lot of energy and money while not matching their needs or the ever-changing weather conditions.
  2. Leave the AC on when it is not needed - resulting in even more wasted energy - just to keep the house cool or warm.

According to a recent article by, in the heat of the Australian summer, a full night’s sleep with the AC running can cost close to A$13, since so many people use a low set-point temperature instead of the recommended 25°C. Moreover, research shows Australians waste an average of about 4 hours per day in energy by leaving their air conditioning running while they're not even home. This will add up to A$1.3 billion in wasted energy over the summer alone!


In our own survey of several countries, we too had some interesting findings which support the issue at hand. Australians, for example, were found to use their AC for over 8 hours per day, with the lowest set-point temperature of all - 21.9°C! Way below the recommended temperature, not only does this waste energy and money, but 73% of respondents claimed to have felt too cold with their AC on. So what good is all of this anyway?

Battling extreme weather conditions can be daunting. Moreover, it's not an easy task to perform for us mere humans; we lack the data, the full picture combining all aspects of thermal comfort, and the ability to make intelligent adjustments to our air conditioner. This is especially accurate when we're out and about.


With full control from anywhere and several Smart Modes, Ambi Climate can help you achieve what you can't do on your own. Whether you're after keeping your home within a certain temperature or humidity threshold, or want to feel just right by considering all the factors affecting your personal comfort - Ambi will utilize all its sensors, data and smart AI algorithms to enhance your air conditioner in the most efficient, energy-saving and comfort-maximizing way. Gone are the days of leaving the AC on and wasting energy - with timers, smart integrations (IFTTT & Amazon Alexa), Geolocation (coming soon) and the power of Artificial Intelligence we've definitely got you covered.

 Start Saving!

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