Hong Kong's Relationship with Air Conditioning? A Love/Hate One!

Hong Kong's Relationship with Air Conditioning? A Love/Hate One!

Since we're all about finding out what makes people comfortable and how we all use our AC, we recently decided to check this thoroughly and run a survey among over 600 respondents in Hong Kong, our home base!

Want to know what we found? Read on!

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It's evident from the survey results that while people in Hong Kong clearly love their AC and can't live without it (really, they rated it the #1 most important device in summer!), they're also pretty damn frustrated with it, citing several comfort issues and other problems while using their AC.

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So many hours of usage, all through the night and day too, if you have pets or kids, bring up lots of issues that people can't seem to find a solution for! Waking up cold, stuffy room, extreme internal changes when the weather changes - these are just some of the issues we heard of from our respondents; a whopping 99% reported at least one comfort complaint relating to AC usage, which is pretty conclusive, don't you think?!

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Survey results also showed that 78% of Hongkongers set their ACs at 24⁰C or below, with over 34% setting their ACs at 22⁰C or less. According to EMSD statistics, space conditioning makes up 36% of residential energy consumption, and increasing the set point temperature by 1 degree can reduce energy consumption by 4%.

It's obvious regular AC control can provide many benefits, like stopping the room from getting too stuffy, or from getting too dry. Thermal comfort is about more than just temperature alone, with multiple factors such as humidity, sunlight, weather and metabolism also playing a part in how you feel. But, according to the survey only 8% of respondents adjust their ACs during the course of the day, which makes it evident that it's not so easy to do and requires a smarter solution.


 Ambi Climate 2nd Edition uses artificial intelligence technology to solve the common air conditioner usage challenge by redefining the air conditioner control paradigm. Instead of selecting a single temperature, users simply report their current thermal comfort (cold, hot or comfortable) and Ambi Climate's A.I. engine analyzes the impact of multiple factors on their comfort, automatically adjusting the AC to enhance it. Sounds like a solution to us!

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