HK Aircon – 5 ways to make it cheaper, smarter & more comfortable

HK Aircon – 5 ways to make it cheaper, smarter & more comfortable

Few countries rely on Aircon more than HK. Year-round heat and humidity are a constant bane but for many, recent hikes in the cost of electricity are now the number one concern. The good news is that one of Hong Kong’s very own success stories can help you out – and you don’t even need to buy a new air conditioner! Here’s how a smart air conditioner controller can revolutionise HK aircon.

5 ways Smart AC makes HK aircon better – the answer in a nutshell

We’ll go into more detail below, but the quick answer for how HK aircon gets boosted is this:

1. More efficient operation makes it cheaper
2. It can turn on and off automatically
3. A.I. learns your preferences
4. It makes everyone more comfortable
5. It can help with mould control

In detail: 5 ways to make HK aircon cheaper, smarter & more comfortable

1. Making HK aircon less expensive

The global power crisis is spiking everybody’s electricity bills and few people want to turn their precious aircon off in HK. This is a problem considering that an AC unit’s typical mode of operation is to operate in cycles of power spikes which see high amounts of power get used to build up a load of cold air before dumping it into a room – repeatedly – until the unit’s sensor believes it’s averaged a target temperature.

This mode of operation is inefficient and explains why, in HK aircon represents such a large proportion of most Hongkongers’ electricity bills. It’s far better to make small, incremental changes to avoid power spikes and this is where a smart air conditioner controller can help the most.

Smart AC controllers adjust HK aircon by taking into account the outside weather, internal temperature (and humidity) settings, sunshine in your room, the time of year and your personal preferences and then sets the temperature accordingly. It’s internal sensors are far more advanced than standard HK aircon units (they’re more accurately positioned in your room too) and so the temperature will more-accurately reflect your preferences.

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The smart aircon controller then communicates with your existing AC unit using the same infra-red commands as its remote. All while gathering information from the internet (and an app on your phone) using Wi-Fi. The result is more-efficient operation and less electricity used. In some instances, it can save enough money on HK aircon-related electricity that it can pay for itself.

2. Smart AC can turn HK aircon on and off automatically

The traditional way of interacting with HK aircon is to arrive at home, or the office, set it to maximum and wait to cool down. This needn’t happen with a smart air conditioning controller. Because the device is linked to an app on your phone, it can use the phone’s location to see where you are and automatically turn on and off based on your location.

This ‘geofence’ feature means that it automatically activates the AC when you’re a few blocks away from home so that it’s perfectly cool when you arrive. This function can also be used to automatically turn the unit off when you leave – very handy if you forgot to do so when leaving the home or office!

hk aircon tips
HK aircon uses an enormous amount of (dirty) electricity. The smarter it can be, the better for all.

3. A smart AC controller learns everyone’s preferences with A.I.

The smart AC controller will learn your preferences by your initial interactions with your aircon unit. By simply telling the app – via your phone or virtual assistant on your smart speaker – whether you’re too warm or too cold, the device will learn what you like and set the temperature automatically without you having to think about it.

4. It makes everyone more comfortable

Another benefit to HK aircon is that smart AC works for groups, too. In Hong Kong, multiple users are regularly sharing the same air conditioner. This frequently leads to squabbles between those who like it cold and those who don’t. However, smart AC will know what each individual preference is and tailor the temperature accordingly – reducing arguments.

The same works for pets. If your furry friend struggles in certain temperature situations – especially when there are unexpected changes – a smart AC controller can be activated remotely to look after them. This can also happen automatically when certain parameters are reached.

5. It can help with mould control

Mould growth can plague hot and humid countries. This is a particular problem if you go away for any period of time. So, it’s good to know that smart ac can help by periodically activating – either automatically or remotely via your phone’s app over the internet – to ensure that humidity is kept at bay to inhibit mould growth.

The best news of all is that the best smart air conditioner controller on the market comes from Hong Kong’s very own Ambi Climate. The 2014 Kickstarter success story is thriving and has different options to suit your need. Check them out now and dramatically boost your HK aircon.

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