5 smart air conditioner controller benefits

5 smart air conditioner controller benefits

For many people, living without air conditioning is unthinkable. It’s ability to provide respite in an otherwise hot and humid environment is life changing and its ability to improve the general comfort of one’s home cannot be understated. However, in this day and age, it can be expensive to run and the way in which it operates can leave people too hot or too cold. But, for all of the flaws there’s a solution: a smart air conditioner controller.

What is a smart air conditioner controller?

A smart air conditioner controller is device which automatically operates your existing air conditioning (AC). It can turn the unit on and off automatically and incrementally adjust settings to avoid the wild swings in temperature and humidity that lead to discomfort. In doing this they save on power consumption and electricity bills.

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Quick version: 5 smart air conditioner controller benefits

The too-long-didn’t-read reasons for those who want to know about the core, five smart air conditioner controller benefits are as follows:

  1. A smart air conditioner controller saves power
  2. It reduces electricity bills
  3. It keeps you comfortable
  4. It keeps those around you comfy
  5. It can maintain your home while away

5 smart air conditioner controller benefits - in detail

- A smart air conditioner remote controller saves power

Traditional aircon functions by addressing the disparity between desired temperature and current temperature by initiating something of a power surge to overcompensate. This means, in a room that’s deemed too hot, it will maximize its electricity usage to generate as much cold air as possible before dumping it into the room – making it too cold in some places. It will perform this ham-fisted method of temperature normalization until its sensor determines that the target temperature has been reached, before powering down until it’s time to do the same thing again.

However, a smart air conditioner controller benefit is that it knows what your preferred temperature and humidity preferences are and incrementally adjusts its settings to avoid this inefficient, all-or-nothing approach. A smart ac controller will use AI to learn your preferences and activate them without you needing to do anything – simply heading home can be enough to start getting things ready.

- Smart aircon controllers reduce electricity bills

It’s no secret that there’s a global energy crisis. This hasn’t just affected the electricity supply in many regions, it’s pushed power bills into the stratosphere.

Smart AC control can help benefit the global energy crisis.

The good news is that smart air conditioner controllers are relatively inexpensive to the point that they can even pay for themselves if your aircon usage has caused your electricity bills to skyrocket. They can ensure that your AC operates more efficiently and is only turned on when it needs to be.

Another benefit is that smart aircon will also know if a room is empty and can turn the AC off automatically (or by you using an app). This is particularly useful when the last person has left the premises for the weekend but didn’t turn it off!

- Smart AC controllers keep you comfy

Most aircon units have the temperature and humidity sensors built-in to them. But this isn’t much help when you’re sitting down at one end of the room while the sensor is up a wall at the other end. Indeed, despite being in the same room, the temperature and humidity disparity can be significant to the point where what you set is not what you get – and this will leave you uncomfortable.

However, a smart air conditioning benefit is that the controller can be placed in an area that better resembles your locality, so that the temperature and humidity you experience becomes the basis of your air conditioner’s output.

What’s more, smart air conditioner controllers are linked to an app on your phone and these apps can be used to train the device to automatically, producing comfortable AC. They simply ask you if you’re too hot or too cold at various times and adjust the temperature accordingly. This can even be achieved using smart home voice control.

After a short while, the smart controller will automatically learn your preferences and keep you comfortable without having to interact with your air conditioner at all. This will particularly benefit those who like to leave the AC on at night and start-off hot but wake-up freezing!

- A smart air conditioner controller keeps friends, family and colleagues comfortable

Anyone who has worked in an office or shared a residence will have experienced the passive-aggressive discussions between those who are freezing and those who are too hot despite sitting next to each other. The problem is, everyone’s preferences are different and, short of performing collective, invasive, medical exams, it’s not going to be easy for a third party to decide what the best compromise it. Fortunately, another smart air conditioner controller benefit is that it can help reduce these battles.

Indeed, a smart AC controller’s app can be accessed by numerous people at once. The app will survey each individual and discover what their personal preferences are (at different times of day, in different weather and in different levels of humidity) and automatically adjust the settings to a point of best compromise.

5 smart air conditioner controller benefits
Few people consider that a smart air conditioner controller benefits their pets too.

- A smart air conditioner controller can protect your premises when away

If you live (or manage premises) in a cold country, the threat of frozen pipes is very real. Meanwhile, if you live in a hot and humid country, you’ll know that mold can infest everything if not managed daily. This is all a particular problem if you deign to go away on a holiday or work trip and are absent from your home or office for a length of time.

Fortunately, a smart air conditioner controller can benefit you by managing you premises’ internal environments by adjusting the temperature and humidity - even factoring local weather as well as internal sensor readings. It can also be used to adjust the aircon remotely via its app, if desired.

How can I benefit from a smart air conditioner controller?

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