Improving Your Health with the Help of Technology and IoT

“Home is where the heart is”, and “home sweet home” are sayings that ring close to most. With the daily bustle and grind of modern day living, and how technology plays both sides of the coin in accessibility to people and services, as well as pervasiveness to our time and space, the age old adages ring even truer.

With modern comforts such as air conditioning moving from a luxury item to a necessity, the digital age is a double-edged sword, with a larger amount of people leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, that result in undue health issues.  

We have seen how the IoT landscape has been invigorated with better advancements in technology, with artificial intelligence being a key factor. We now have health and fitness wearables, giving us a swift kick to the rear if it’s been in contact with a chair for too long, or when it’s time for our evening run so that we can hit our fitness goals.   

However, if we focus on the tiny island nation of Singapore, there are more things to contend with beyond a sedentary lifestyle. Air pollution during the dry season has been an issue for over 40 years and as much as the issue has been discussed, there doesn’t seem to be much headway. During these seasons, home isn’t as cozy and safe as it should be, let alone going out for a run.

blogpost1The significant health hazards the haze brings bear heavy ramifications for the young, sick, elderly, and those with respiratory issues and call for a lifestyle challenge. True, I can jog on the spot while catching up on the latest TV shows and movies, but would I truly be comfortable, or more importantly, healthy?

Advancements in smart home IoTs should enable homeowners to do more. Granted, the smart home IoT landscape has introduced a checklist of benefits such as conveniences, additional comfort, better cost savings, and hassle-free integrations; but adding health benefits to the checklist is essential to facilitating periods where being at home is the best, such as when the haze decides to pay a visit, or a flu virus is running amok.

The home’s ideal temperature differs from person to person. Studies have shown we are tuned to different temperatures to function, and that a variation of a degree or two can make a world of difference for a productive day at work or quality sleep at home.

Sleep Comfort

True comfort at home should always work unseen, adjusting to your needs. We are expected to sync our calendars with work and important life events, sync our heart rates to make sure we get the best out of our morning runs; with so much automation to help run our lives, maybe it’s time to focus on automation that makes our health run better.

With Ambi Climate, we help you craft your own habitat. Some seasons, staying in the customized comfort of your own home is the healthiest thing for you and your family, whether it’s the Singaporean haze or any other weather-related hazard you may experience in your country. You’ll thank us after a good night of uninterrupted sleep.

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Julian_Profile-Pic-240x240Julian Lee, the founder and CEO of Ambi Labs is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wide ranging skillset covering strategy development, finance, fund-raising, due diligence, legal contract negotiation, recruitment, company setup and administration.

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